Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy, Busy Week - Sewing

Wow, what a week with the Fugly Fabric Giveaways and Swaps. I made 3 trips to the post office but did not buy any fabric. I held my first giveaways and chose to winners - Richard and Lorelei. I won 2 giveaways myself (it is so exciting). I will show what I won, when they get here. I swapped the extra Fugly fabric I had with people in the USA the United Kingdom. When all the fabric swaps arrives I will post them for you to see. I am glad to have meet so many new friends from out in blogyourself next time.

Then I made my Blocks for Craftsy Block of the Month for February. I learned how to make a Balkan Puzzle Block, and Magic Triangles (make 4 HST at one time) cool way to do a Half Square Triangle (HST)
This block is called Chunky Chevron and is made with HST's, using the draw line method. I have used this method many times before, for making 2 blocks at a time. Amy Gibson at Stitchery Dickery Dock, is amazing in her tutorials, or (tuts) as the bloggers call them.

I really love Burp Cloths as Baby Gifts for new parents. With so many babies being born to the babies I watched grow into adulthood. I made a lot of them this last week. Great way to use up scraps of flannel and cute fabrics from a swap. I did not pay a penny for any of this fabric, and used it all up. See!

So much fun, I was scared to blog during the Fugly Fabric because someone might not find me, and I wanted to be found. If you are like me and have problems matching colors for blocks take a look at the In Color Order blogsite. I made it easy for you, I put a button at the bottom of the blog to get there. She has great advise and knowledge about colors and organizing. A blogger was kind enough to teach me how to insert buttons..Buttons are fun..Now if I can learn the HTML way to link to other blocksites. It is all a learning curve.


  1. I got my fabrics yesterday I won 3-4 of them so will wait tell they all show up to make a post on my blog but want to say thanks now. My wife was so happy to see them the first words out of her mouth is wow those are nice they are not fugly. Thank you so much.

    Make sure you stop by and put your guess in my quilt givaway by guessing my babys B-day or Birth Weight.

  2. Hey
    All you have to do to link back is. In your new post you should have an option across the top that says link. You just put the name of what you want to call it and the address of the page in the next box then voila a link is made.
    Hope that helps.

  3. Lisa, love your blocks and burp cloths! What site were you one where you learned to make 4 HST's? I would love to learn that.

  4. You are having some amazing blogging adventures! Love the burp cloths and your gorgeous blocks.

  5. My friend Lucy, hates the verification on blogs so I am going to make sure my new friends do not to verify who they are. Lets see what happens.


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