Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Winner of the Fugly Giveaway 2

SORRY I AM LATE but life got in my way....

And the WINNER of the giveaway is ..

Kathy - someone must tell me how to cut & paste comments. It was her second comment that won her the giveaway. She blogs at Kathy's Quilting Blog, check out her blog. See, being a follower does pay off. I was just visiting her blog and noticed she is having a Bad Ugly Fabric Quilt Challenge on her blog. Maybe she needs a few more Bad Ugly pieces of fabric nobody would trade for to send to one of her participants? I think I am going to keep an eye on Kathy's quilt and watch it turn beautiful. I also want you all to know I love her little shoe fabric! (This photo was borrowed from Kathy's Blog, thank you for letting me steal your little shoes).

See, is that not the greatest fabric you have seen in quite awhile! I love it!

I want to thank each and everyone of you for signing up for the giveaway! I appreciate all the comment you take the time to write. I am happy to announce the next GIVEAWAY will be in less than 30 days because "In The Boon Docks" has over 50 followers now. THANK YOU ALL!


  1. Thanks, Lisa. Congrats to hitting over 50 followers! Your fuglies will be a wonderful addition to my perfectly good fabric that I will cut up into little pieces and sew back together. Have a great day.

  2. Everything for the swaps and the giveaway went in the mail today!

  3. Woo congratulations to the winner and to you for hitting 50 followers! =D


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