Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Awards are so exciting!

The very sweet and talented Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy has nominated "In The Boon Docks" that's me, for two awards.

The "Sunshine Award" is for positively and creatively inspiring others in the blogosphere. Wow, it makes my heart sing to know someone thinks this of my blog! Thank you Amy you made my month.

The "One Lovely Blog" Award is just what is says your blog is lovely. Sweetest thing to say, even when I blog about moths and goats. Now, Amy's blog is really lovely she makes the coolest things!

In order to accept these awards I have to answer the following questions:

Favorite Color - Aqua

Favorite Animal - Puffins (they are the cutest bird ever)

Favorite Number - 14 (my first child's birthday and my anniversary date)

Favorite Drink - Ice Tea

Facebook or Twitter - Facebook

My Passion - God, Family, Country, Sewing, and Quilting

Giving or Getting Presents - I love to give the perfect gift for the right person, it's as good as eating chocolate. I love receiving a present, it is exciting, even little things, it means someone cares! Feel the love!

Favorite Day - With my disabilities everyday I can get out of bed is my favorite!

Favorite Flowers - Blue Bonnets

I would like to thank Amy again and award these honors to the following blogs - because I enjoy them, think they are all lovely, and they inspire me to be creative and artistic. Please take a few minutes to stop by and look around.

So ladies if you are interested in these awards you just need to answer the questions in a blog post and nominate others to receive the awards. Think of it as your follower getting to know you a little better. Plus they are such pretty buttons.

Cherie @ I Be's Cheraldine

Karen @ Quilting, Losing, and Tea

Libby @ Truly Myrtle

Lucy @ Charm About You

Rie @ Crafty Rie

Sue @ Sue Daurio's Quilting Adventures

I think you are all so wonderful and you have made my blogging experience so much more enjoyable. Thank you Lisa


  1. Congratulations and thanks so much for nominating me Lisa!!! I am delighted :)

  2. Congratulations on getting 2 awards! Thanks for the nomination! I'll re-post it later =D

  3. You are welcome! I love reading your blog about quilting, moths and goats :)

  4. Awwwww... shucks! Thanks sweetie!

  5. Thank you so much Lisa!! I haven't had a lot of time later for blogging or reading :( I really appreciate you thinking of me though! x


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