Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Deal on Denyse Schmidt DS Collection

Last night I was reading Rita's Red Pepper Quilts, Stash Update from last Sunday and was happy to find Denyse Schmidt DS Quilts Collection. Which is sold at Jo-Ann's! I went to Joann's today because I hate to pay shipping and I had a coupon for 20% off the total purchase. Well guess what? They are normally $12.99 but they are on sale until Saturday for $9.09 a piece. You can find them online at Jo-Ann but you will have to pay shipping. If they are not marked on sale in the store don't worry they are! The coupon is only for instore. I purchased them for $7.27 a piece and you can too if you get the ad mailed to your home.

If you haven't signed up for JoAnn coupons you should at a store most of the coupons are redeemable on-line. Save money on supplies! They even have an iPad app at JoAnn App

DS Quilts collections are available from Jo-Ann Stores in the USA.

Rita said on her blog that they will be available at a store called Spotlight in Australia. But she had bought hers at an Etsy shop.

There are 4 different one yard packs with 4 fat quarter designs on each, I only bought 3 but all of them where at my Jo-Anns. So, get online today or go to one tomorrow with your coupon. I love to get something I want at a deal!

Make something great! Lisa


  1. I get the coupons so I will go check them out in the morning!! Thanks!!

  2. Girl I'm now on a fabric ban really my money is so low right now! =D


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