Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Numbering Comments on your Google Blog

This is not my information but I am going to pass on these links that Mara Secretly Stitching gave to me in a comment when I asked for help to number my comments on this blog. Thank you Mara you are a wonderful and thoughtful Follower!

Mara May 28, 2013 at 9:22 AM
Here are some tutorials that might help in getting your comments numbered:
maybe one of these will help.

I went to Sew at Home Mummy and followed the excellent tutorial and it worked!

Here is a link to Mara's other recommendation at Echinops & Aster

I would also like to Thank Susan at Hanging On By a Needle and Thread for her lovely SMS Giveaway I won! Cupcake and her mug rug have arrived safely and are in good hands! Mine! Everyone in the family have tried to snatch her! She is so soft and cute! I just love her! Gilbert has a girlfriend (I know you said she was a he but she is Pink, blue, purple and sand colored) now! See the heart on her nose! If you like hedgehogs or other hand knitted animals Cupcake came from Half Pint Knits. I got my eyes on a Giraffe for the littlest grandchild! I highly recommend them just on the quality and craftsmanship of Cupcake! Go take a look you won't be sorry! Just remember Cupcake fits in the palm of your hand! Now I have to go buy that Giraffe!

Until we meet again, create and be unique! Lisa


  1. Thank you Lisa for the tip. Isn't great how bloggers all share their knowledge. Congratulations on the win, very cute

  2. Thanks for showing up such fabulous information. I have bookmarked you and will remain in line with your new posts. I like this post, keep writing and give informative post...!

  3. Your so sweet, it was no problem helping. The giraffe is cute but my husband would just roll over with the hippo, it is his favorite zoo animal.


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