Monday, May 27, 2013

We have a Winner

Happy Memorial Day

I hope you have all enjoyed your holiday weekend if you are in the United States! If you are not I still hope you had a great weekend. I worked the whole weekend helping my Mom with a yard sale. We got rid of a lot of unneeded stuff! All the big stuff sold and most of the little stuff! The "Goodwill" boxes are packed in her car to leave us tomorrow! Yippee! When we moved here in 2005 we combined (2) household and a storage room. A lot of items did not fit in our current home and ended up in our garage. Boxes stacked to the ceiling! I was very ill from my accident at the time so my friends and family packed everything (I mean everything trash and all). I am still not in the greatest shape physically but my mind works. Anyways, I spent all weekend going through boxes! The best item I found was a box of Christmas cards from 1988 and in it was a precious little handprint of my then 3 year old, oldest daughter, now (27). It made me tear up looking at how tiny her little hand was then. So much has happened it seems like a lifetime ago. Ashley thank you for that Christmas card 25 years ago! I still love you as much as I did then even through all our differences. I am proud of the woman you have become!

My point in sharing this story is keep those little things your babies make you for special occasions because when your older and you find one of them in a box of junk it will make you so happy I promise you!

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Nikita May 26, 2013 at 7:30 PM
I actually like the current name..I live out in the boonies so when I see the blog title in my reader it makes me chuckle sometimes.

I like the bright cheery BOHO Urban Chiks for Moda

I will email you!

So my lucky friend you will receive (1) BOHO mini charm and (1) Lario mini charm provided by our friends at the
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I loved a lot of your suggestions and will post the ones that I am considering later in the week! Thank you all for stopping by "In The Boon Docks" and until we meet again "create and be unique", Lisa


  1. Love your precious little mementos from your then little girl! Time just goes by so fast!

  2. Your little treasures are precious. After my father passed away, I found a box containing all of the cards I had made for him..who knew he was such a softy. All of those memories from those little hands, never grow old, do they? xo

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  4. Yes--Memories are so precious as the kids grow older. It was a special treasure to find. P.S. I used that same poem when I was teaching kindergarten with Christmas gifts.


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