Friday, June 28, 2013

Here's to Mommys

Busy, busy, not much sewing going on! Changing diapers and making bottles!
Eat, play, and crash! Wake up and do it all again!

But I had a big helper this week!

Bounce, bounce, and bounce some more! These things are great!

I have done a little crocheting with big balls of fabric! Making a very bright rug for our kitchen. We will see how I do when I start sewing it together.

Hope you had a great week! We did! Our little visitor goes home tomorrow! This ol' momma bear is going to hibernate for a day or so!

Until next time, create and be unique! Lisa


  1. We forget how exhausting it is to have a baby around. Cute pictures of both of them.

  2. ma lo sai che è proprio una bella idea...! ho ricevuto la tua mail e sono contenta di trovare persone come me..."possibilitarian". A presto....


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