Friday, August 30, 2013

Stitch on Prints and Aurifil Giveaway

Stitch On Prints

Welcome to "In The Boon Docks - Stitch on Prints"

A few of the things I use to create my projects


Recently, a reader asked me what was some of my favorite things to use to sew with and listen up: I love Aurifil threads in any weight! I sew with Aurifil thread because I truly believe it is the best thread to sew with it. Aurifil glides through fabric whether I am machine sewing or hand sewing!

Machine Sewing - It does not leave a bunch of thread dust (I don't know the technical term for the crap that gathers on your machine! Making you have to clean out your bobbin case after every project!). I do clean mine out often but that is another post! I use other 50 wt thread because honestly I do not own ever color Aurifil makes, which is a lot, and I pay for it myself. I won a sample pack on another blog and tested the 50 wt. on my sewing machine no breakage, and not a lot of thread dust. That means a lot to me because I hate both! I bought the 50 wt. threads in collections on sale at

They carry most of Aurifil 's 50 wt. collections!

Hand Sewing - The Aurifil company sponsors the giveaways for "Stitch On Prints" and gives me some 12 wt. thread to use on my projects and giveaways to offer you a chance to use it each month. Pretty nice of them I would say but once again I don't have an unending supply of colors. So on occasion I buy it myself and use it. I can tell you I would use it over anything out there even if they didn't sponsor the giveaway, which I hope they will for a long time!
Thank you AURIFIL for your support!


I recently created this pouch for a flickr swap
Simple & Sweet Scrappy Swap. In this swap you make a pouch, cut (50) 5" squares, and a notion. You mail out your package and you get one back. It is great fun and a new group will be signing up soon, so check it out if you are interested in trying a swap on flickr.

It gives me a reason to hand stitch something unusual making it mine! You can do it too! I hope you will follow along on this journey with me and show us your links to your unique hand stitched items. Whether they are for swaps, family, gifts, or yourself I would love to see them!

Pouch Size: 10" wide x 10.5" Tall
Fabric: fussy cut scrap
Thread: Aurifil Mako 28 wt. 2730
Stitch: Stem Stitch

Blue Kona Sides
Fabric: Blue Kona Solid, Robert Kaufman, scrap
Thread: Aurifil Mako' NE 12/2 3910 ( I love this Yellow)
Stitch: Running Stitch

Back fabric: So Deer scraps, Simply Color scraps, Gray/white Dot scrap
Machine Sewing Thread: Aurifil Mako' 50 wt. 4060 & 2024

Reference Book for "Stitch On Prints"

I checked out this new book, 3 months ago, from the library handsewn - the essential techniques for tailoring and embellishment by Margaret Rowan, published by Interweave and it is excellent! I have maxed out how many times I can recheck it out. It is time to buy!

Now, today I am purchasing this book from eBay (best price, I could find on the internet) to use as a reference for "Stitch on Prints"! It has every stitch in it anyone would ever need or want plus more. I am amazed at the detailed photography and instructions. If you are looking for the total package for hand sewing I feel this is it. Go to you local library and check it out, ask them to order it if they don't have a copy or follow the link and purchase a copy like me. I have to give others a chance to use it at our local library.

I am giving you my honest opinion and have not been paid to promote this book! I think that is what I should say, so you know "I love this book"!


Aurifil Mako 12 wt. 2615 & 4657

Aurifil Mako 12 wt. 2730 (same blue I used in this months project) & 4663

Our awesome friends at Aurifil have provided (4) spools of thread for the Giveaway. This month I used Aurifil 12 wt. & 28 wt. threads for my hand stitching.

This giveaway is open to all! It ends on September 8, 2013 at midnight!
If you are a no-reply blogger leave an email!

1. The question is: What is your favorite Aurifil Collection? Go here to pick one Aurifil Collections

2. If you leave me a link in the comments to a stitching you did!
(No link, no entry)

3. Follow the Aurifil Blog and come back leave a separate comment. (If you are a follower on their blog already tell me in this comment)

4. If you follow "In The Boon Docks" you get another chance. Just leave it in a seperate comment!

Four possible chances to win!

So a couple of my favorite things: Aurifil Threads and the book, handsewn by Margaret Rowan! More on this topic later! Have a great weekend and thank you for stopping by "In The Boon Docks"!

Until next time,
Create and be unique,

Since I finished the pouch this week I am going to link up with Richard and Tanya

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some great Blog Anniversaries Giveaways

I know of two really great blog anniversaries going on this weekend and thought I would share.

The first on is over at
UggaBear Cottage . She will be "1" soon her drawing ends on 9/8/2013.

The second is the is over at Lucy @
Charm About You . Lucy's blog will be "2" and her drawing ends 9/4/2013.

Happy Blog Anniversary Ladies!

So clickity clickity go check them out!

Until next time,
Create and be unique,

We have a winner!

As always I had a great time during this blog hop! These hops would never happen without our fearless leader Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt and all her wonderful head cheerleaders! This time was the very talented Debby @ Debbie Kratovil Quilts. Thank you both! Great job! Now for the fun part!

The winner of the Be A Hexie Queen Blog Hop is #66

Which had this very nice comment about "Meet The Lorax"!

That is adorable, I just learned about half Hexies and love making them now. You did a beautiful job. on Be a Hexie Queen Blog Hop
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Jane @ Jane's Quilting
on 8/21/13

Congratulations on winning and thank you for the great comment!

I will contact you by email for your address!

Update on my daughter

My daughter is better but it will take months for her pancreas to heal. She will only be able to eat a bland diet with no fats, limited proteins, and no alcohol ever (she has never been a big drinker). They think now that her continued illness through pregnancy may have started the whole thing. Little "Zoey's" other grandma came to pick her up this morning and bring her back closer to her parents. My daughter is out of the hospital and resting at home. She will spend another week in bed, doctor's orders. This way "Zoey" is just a 1/2 hour away. Thank you for all for your prayers and good wishes.

Until next time
Create and be unique,

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pretty Things and Pray Request

Pray Request

My youngest daughter, Kristin, (22), has been admitted into the hospital for the second time this week. Something is wrong with her pancreas. After the first admitting we went and picked up "Zoey" while she waited to see a GI specialist. Last night she was admitted again in incredible pain. I decided to share this with all of you to ask for your prayers for Kristin, Michael, and of course little Zoey. If you don't hear from me it is because I cannot right know worry about deadlines, sewing, or my own fun. I hope you all understand! Thank you for your help!

To signup for the open GIVEAWAY Hexie Queen Blog Hop here

Dakota Sews
My angel from Fabric Basket Swap swap is very talented so I decided to check her blog and follow her. Oh my does she have cute creations and talent. As anyone who has ever tried to start a blog getting those first 20 followers is the hardest. It is also when us as follower really miss out if they decide to give up writing because no one is there. Please give her some bloggy love, you will not regret it. Here are some examples of her work!

I really want to learn to crochet on material! It gives the pincushion such a classy look!

These blocks are smaller than an inch (teeny tiny) and what a wonderful "fussy cut"! Such attention to detail can really make a set go from average to Beautiful!

I was quite delighted to receive this great package in the Modern Scrappy Bits Swap from Sewbrittany. I think the mug rug is just so sweet! It is hanging on my wall! Happy happy! I cannot stress enough how much fun flickr swaps can be!

Happy 8th Birthday to our handsome man! Family visited over the weekend and we enjoyed the visit.

Thank you for stopping by "In The Boon Docks"
Create and be unique!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Be a Hexie Queen Blog Hop

Welcome to "In The Boon Docks"

Today I am a Hexie Queen Wanna bee! I have finished the quilt top! Yippee!

Thank you
Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt and Debbie @ Debby Kratovil Quilts for organizing and cheering us all on. Madame Samm your challenge almost got me this time.

Time for a reality check, I cannot do hexie's by hand (I have tried), so that leaves me and my machine! This project started back in March and needed to be finish. I hope you like "Meet the Lorax"

Trying to find the right blocks instead of using a pattern can sometimes get me in trouble. I think David will be very happy when it is done!

I started out making blocks from Fons & Porters "Easy Quilts" Cascarone Quilt but realized it really was not a pattern for directional fabric after making (4) of the triangles.

Then one day I was on Youtube and found a video from Missouri Star Quilt Co. "The Tea Cup Quilt". Youtube video I linked to it for you The Tea Cup Quilt What a great block so I made a bunch of them. I put them back in the storage box to sit. It needed something more!

When Madam Samm announced the Hexie Blog Hop I watched this video The 10" Half Hexagon Quilting Ruler by Missouri Star Quilt Co. and signed up. I already had the ruler from a shipping error! They are so sweet there that they gave it to me. It works so easy and makes true hexagon blocks. Of course, they are a bit bigger at 10" across which means they take up more room. I used it differently than the instructions, cutting all the blocks apart and using them as single 12 1/2" blocks.

Please visit the other bloggers in the blog hop and see what they have created for your enjoyment!

August 21, 2013

Sunshine Girl Nicola

Cheryl James

Fish Kopp

Grizz 'n' Dove

Secretly Stitching

In The Boon Docks - your here

Elizabeth Coughlin Designs

Quilt Doodle Doodles

Ridge Top Quilts




Starts today, August 21, 2013 and will end on August 28, 2013 at midnight.

Open to participants worldwide. You win and have an address, I will mail it to you.

No Reply Bloggers - leave an email address - if I cannot reach you? You will not win!

How to enter:

1. Everyone gets a chance - leave a comment on this post answering this question: What is your favorite candy, describe it?

Mine is chocolate turtles - they are shaped like a turtle, a layer of milk chocolate, a layer of carmel, stick 5 pecans in the warm carmel like a head and legs, another layer of milk chocolate covering the top and sides but not the head and limbs! Best are homemade!

2. If you are a "Follower" of "In The Boon Docks", tell me how you follow and you get an extra chance. If you are a new follower please put that in the comment.

So you get 2 chances to win the giveaway!

The winner will receive one precut package of Moda Honeycomb - Bella Solids (Snow)

Thank you for stopping by "In The Boon Docks" and
I hope you will come back soon!

Create and be unique

I read every single one of your comments but please understand I am not always able to respond to each one due to volume during giveaways. Your comments mean so much to me. Thank you for every thought you share!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sewing Summit Giveaway

Hi, I am Elizabeth Johnson

Have you heard about this giveaway?

Sewing Summit Trip Giveaway

I entered and this is what I wrote:

Wow, what prizes! I have dreamed about going to Sewing Summit one day, so I nominate myself! Do to financial obligations I would never be able to afford the costs! I love this community and the bloggers in it. To be able to meet and learn from all of them would be a remarkable experience that would last a lifetime. Why me? I say why not me! I am a 49 year old wife, mother, grandmother, raising a grandson. That is 28 years of raising children with many more years to go. In my spare time I blog, quilt, sew, crochet, knit, and helps at community events.

I have learned to ask when I need help and I could really use yours right know!

Sewing Summit Trip Giveaway. Please follow the link to nominate me or someone else. I would love to attend this sewing function and the more nominations is just one more chance I could possibly attend! Otherwise I will never get there!

Thank you for your consideration!

Elizabeth Johnson

Monday, August 12, 2013

Ho Ho Ho Winner

Best Christmas ever?

The best part of doing blog hops for me is reading all your comments! Some of my favorites are:

Jesus - so very true

Lots of Barbie dolls and accessories

Diamond Rings

Money - I always like that on too!


A toolkit - my kind of gift

But the most unique had to be this one:

August 8, 2013 at 7:07 AM
Best Christmas EVER well let me think that would have to be a non quilty one but it was when DH adopted an Orangutan for me at Monkey World in Dorset, he was called Kai and was born on our Wedding Anniversary, he was sooo cute and it was great to visit him later that year!

Now on to the Winner

We had 139 comments, and Mr says

Number: 51

Who is the


August 8, 2013 at 7:13 AM
I love your mini quilt! Best Christmas present ever would have to be when I was younger and we got tickets to Disneyland! Thanks for the chance!

Congratulations! I will send you an email for your snail mail address!

Until next time,
Create and be unique,

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Don't forget to enter this Giveaway

Giveaway for the Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop ends tomorrow night so signup HERE

On the home front

Spent my day rolling coins with David to buy his big birthday present! He got up this morning and told me he would count out his big penny jar so he could buy the new Disney XBox game that will be released next week. After rolling $30 in pennies everyone in the house started donating their silver coins which grew our pot to $103 rolled coins. That was a lot of change to take to GameStop to prepay for this expensive game. I called the store and ask them if we showed up with all this change my little man had counted and help roll would they take it. I didn't want him turned away at the counter. They said yes they would do it and treated him great as my husband plunked the backpack on the counter. David felt very grown up as he made his order. Thank you Ed at GameStop! We will try to have patience until it arrives.

I just love his new glasses! He is excited to wear them to school next week.

The my baby chicks are all grownup and started laying! This is our first dozen eggs! Yippee!

A Finish - "Pearls, pearls, pearls" mini quilt
Fabric - Pearl Bracelets - in multiple colors, Andover Fabrics
Binding - scrap

Back - Kona Dark 2 1/2" roll
Quilted by - Me

Hello, Bloggers out there do any of you own a Sew Steady Portable Table if you do would you please email me?

Until next time,
create and be unique,

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

HO Ho Ho and a Giveaway

Hi Everyone, I apologize for being late! It has been a rough week here
In The Boon Docks!

Better late than never!

So lets have some fun! I love Christmas and Madam Samm and Carol really setup a awesome blog hop with Ho ho ho! So many great ideas and projects for decorating and gifts. I am so happy to participate and appreciate all the work our cheerleaders put into planning it! Thank you ladies, you are wonderful!

This Aspen Frost mini quilt was created to be part of this blog hop and a Christmas present. If you would like to know more about when I was making it, what I didn't tell you was it was for this "Snowman Skating Rink". A gift for someone who also loves Christmas!

Then I made these two pillows out of fabric samples of Winterkist!
Which I just love! Hope you do too!

Monica Solorio

This Teddy Bear is one of David's favorites. He was rescued at a Estate sale, in a big bag of scraps, unstuffed and half sew last year. After careful washing, sewing and stuffing, he is quite the looker! The fabric is an old print and someone meant for him to be loved one day and he is now. He will spend the holidays in my rocker by the fireplace if I can steal him from David's bed long enough. As I said Loved.

Please visit the other blogger's in the hop for today! There are alot of giveaways going on in this hop you should start here and then hop over to Carol @ Just Let me Quilt for the full list!

August 8, 2013


Marla's Crafts

A Stitch In Time

mehitabel's musings

Buzzing and Bumbling

Transitions for meee

A Little bit of Lorene

I Piece 2-Mary

Under the Presser Foot

A Reformed Heath'n

In The Boon Docks - you are here


(1) Mini charm of 'In From The Cold', Kate Spain, Moda
(1) Mini charm of 'Esprit De Noel', French General, Moda

and the leftover scraps from Winterkist!

To Enter

1. Open to everyone (if you are no-reply leave an e-mail or you can't win).

2. Answer this question in one comment

a. What was your best Christmas present ever?

3. If you are a follower of this blog you get an additional chance! Please make a second comment! New followers are always welcome!

That makes (2) possible comments per person, anymore and I have to delete them!
(You can edit a comment after you post it)!

The one winner will receive (1) Mini charm of 'In From The Cold', Kate Spain, Moda,
(1) Mini charm of 'Esprit De Noel', French General, Moda, plus a scrap bag of Winterkist!

This giveaway ends August 11th and winner will be announced August 12, 2013!

Thank you for stopping by "In The Boon Docks"!
Until next time,
create and be unique!

Monday, August 5, 2013

We Have Two Winners

But before I announce the winners I thought I would show you the scraps of a project I have worked on the last few day for the upcoming blog hop I will be in on August 7, 2013. It is called Ho Ho Ho Blog Hop with Madam Samm @ Sew We Quilt and Carol @ Just Let Me Quilt. Lots of great Christmas ideas and giveaways going on over there so check either blog today for a list of participants.

Winner of Let's Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop

Let's Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop out of 216 entries the winner of (11) Fat Quarters is


The Sassy Quilter July 29, 2013 at 9:44 AM
That jam is looking pretty tasty:) I live in the boon docks myself in Virginia, USA. I love all the wildlife and peace and quiet, perfect for quilting. Nice to learn more about you. Lovely work.


I have already sent you an email!

Winner of Quilters Candy Unwrapped for July

Quilters Candy Unwrapped for July out of 113 entries the winner of (2) mini charms is

# 23

Quilting Tangent July 29, 2013 at 11:03 AM
I'm a follower.


Please contact me within 48 hours or I will have to redraw! I find you on Google+ without an email address!

Thank you for stopping in and entering the giveaways but if I don't have an email address to contact you! How can you win!

Do to the over 965 messages currently in my email! I may not be able to reply to each of you. Please know I love every comment you leave and please keep it coming!

Create and be unique, Lisa

Friday, August 2, 2013


Hi everyone just checking in to remind you I have two fabric giveaways going at the moment until the end of the weekend, August 4th! So please stop by and leave a comment if you haven't already!

Quilters Candy Unwrapped For July

Let's Get Acquainted New Blogger Blog Hop & Giveaway

I am currently loving Winter's Lane by Kate and Birdie Paper Co. (3) panels in different colors plus 19 beautiful prints!

You will see more of this line in the months ahead! I decided to use it to create Christmas presents. Look at the lovely little birds! So cute!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Until next time!
Create and be unique, Lisa