Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Virginia Aquarium

While at the beach (Virginia Beach, VA) we visited the Virginia Aquarium! I thought I would share some photos with you today. It is a place for young and old, definitely put it on your to do list if you are heading that way! The IMAX was amazing but should not be the main attraction with petting stingrays, watching sea turtles, otters playing, and sharks. Lots of interactive exhibits for kids and adults. It will create a "Moment"!

I love reflection on glass - it looks as if this large alligator is about to eat this man's hands!

Did I forget to mention Lizards and Snakes!

In one exhibit you stand underneath the lizards enclosure to get a ground eye view of his home! One of David's favorites!

Just a taste of what they have to offer you and your family! It is a huge place and better than most Zoo's, with something for everyone. We had such a wonderful day there that I thought I would share our experience. For those who wonder - no I received no compensation. I think it is an exciting and educational place to visit.

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Thank you for a wonderful two years!


  1. Cool place! I have been there but it had been forever.

  2. I've not been to that one before! When were in high school all the NC aquariums were free admission so some weekends we would travel from one to the next just to hang out with the fish! Some of my favorite memories. :)

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  4. Oh how fun! I really like the lizard dome! Aquariums and museums are some of my favorite 'hang outs'! Looks like you had loads of fun!!! Thanks for sharing! :)


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