Saturday, March 22, 2014

Block Magazine

I love books and magazines! I read them, collect them, and if nothing is in them I am going to create I donate them to my local library or give them to the local Senior Center. I have a few magazines I have kept 12 years. Most of those, I had cards I made that where published.
A tidbit of my life before quilting.

Back to magazines! I don't think I have ever seen one with no ads?
Have you?

Most of these where in a basket by my chair or by our bed! Now, with digital magazine and books, I feel like something is missing. I could pass around a good book to everyone I knew, not with digital! Most digital books and magazines cost as much as a paper one but I cannot share an article with you or another friend. The colors on a digital magazine looks beautiful on my iPad but if I print it off - it uses a lot of ink and is
not professional looking at all!

Most magazines cost between $9.99 - $14.99, I won't say I am not buying them, but I am trying to cut down on what I spend and get more for my money!

So when I was offered a copy of the new Block Missouri Star Quilt Co

I said yes please, but for $5.99 an issue you can't beat the price or $34.95 with a one year subscription and there is no shipping cost. What a deal! They even have a Money Back Guarantee!

It is square like a quilt block, how cool is that!
It means it will fit in a 12" x 12" craft (plastic) box
when your working on a quilt!

10 beautiful quilts that have online video, plus step by step instructions! The photography is amazing. More like handling a book than a magazine!
It is beautiful with no ads! You heard me No Ads!

In the back of the issue it shows you each quilt with the information it!
10 pages of gorgeous quilts as a reference! Including the youtube address!

So order BLOCK and start enjoying a new kind of quilting magazine.

Do it for yourself!

It cost less
Beautiful photography
Great writing about the development of each quilt
Easy step by step instructions
A great reference tool for quilts

I say it's a keeper for years to come!

Create and be unique!

These opinions are my own! I was compensated with a magazine!


  1. Oh WOW. I'm a huge magazine fan, just love the "real thing" although I've enjoyed the digital side a bit. But I had not heard of this magazine, and I love Missouri Quilt Co!! Thanks so much for the heads up!!

  2. I'm the same with my magazines. When Missouri Star Quilt Co. said they we're putting out a magazine i pounced on it! Got my first copy and love it. Can't wait for the next issue.

  3. I love buying from Missouri Quilt but I haven't see the magazine yet. Thanks for the review!

  4. This is a very interesting post, Lisa and I am so glad you shared your thoughts with us. I was just thinking of magazines tonight. And it was like you were reading my mind! Love the square shape of this one!

  5. Thank yo for reminding me of this magazine. The only other no-ad magazine I have see is one that Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr produce with Modern Quilting patterns.I saw an on-line ad for BLOCK (maybe from MSQC on YouTube, not sure now). I thought it was a great value and I really like their patterns.

  6. I do believe you about needing the paper in hand. The quality and experience of handling a magazine is more pleasant. I love card-making and I just got my prescription in for the summer read. I know that more people are going for the digital books. But, call me old fashion. I want to turn the pages

  7. I feel the same way especially with quilting or craft magazines. I like the physical magazine instead of digital, it just isn't the same.


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