Saturday, May 10, 2014

Are you a Member and Giveaway reminder

Recently, I was so excited to find my
Modern Quilt Guild
Pin and membership card, came in the mail!

You can signup as a Individual Member and
join the thousands of us from around the World!

We have all the rights of guilds member
and connect through the MQG Forum.

Challenges are made and many items are being worked on for charities.

The challenges by fabric companies are available to you.

These were deciding factors that I joined.
The cost of membership is pretty much covered by one less trip to the fabric store.

If you are sitting on the fence about joining - Jump off and join us!

Membership Information

Giveaway Update

If it wasn't for this blog I never would have met Greg Cartwright.
Susan is a follower, who lives in Oklahoma and told me
about her very talented brother who lives here in West Virginia.
His website
Cartwright's Creations
is were he sell his Pen and Pencil Sets, Pens,
and my favorite Seam Rippers with a story to share
from the reclaimed wood he acquires to create them.

To enter the Seam Ripper Giveaway please click HERE

Susan shares her story of her seam ripper!

Susan - I'm fortunate to own one of these - I want everyone to know this is the sharpest seam ripper that I own. AND I was hesitant to tell Greg that I had lost the cap to my seam ripper. He kindly suggested that I pull out my seam ripper, turn it around, insert it back in the barrel of the ripper, and guess what? There was my cap - no more lost cap to my seam ripper. This is also the only seam ripper I own that has the cap with it. Mine is made from wood from land across from the one-room elementary school I attended (and it belonged to my sister-in-law's father). Neat, eh?

Please take the time to enter the Giveaway,

Create and be unique!

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