Monday, May 19, 2014

New Chicken T-shirts

Those of you who follow this blog know that I have a few chickens!
Today I get home and a package is sitting on the table!
I thought "oh no, what did I buy when I was half asleep"?
Do you do that late at night cruising the Esty sites?

But instead it held these really cool t-shirts my husband bought for me online!

Can you say "love them"!

Just in case someone might be interested in your own t-shirts. He bought them from the Golden Egg Tee Shirt Shop!

Have you seen this video put out by Cotton + Steel Website
Cotton+Steel Manufacturing Process Video
take the time to learn and watch it.

I thought it explained the whole process of how their fabric is created from raw cotton to beautiful delicious designs on fabric.

Thank you for stopping by!
Create and be unique!


  1. So that "Long hair" dude who hunts, kills, and cooks animals: owns and rides a Harley; doesn't have a real job; and "Duck Dynasty????" got you something nice?? Shocker.

    1. Yes dear! You have given me many wonderful things over the years, best of all? You gave me yourself! I am one lucky gal to have you! You are my soulmate forever and always!

  2. Love your shirts! I am new to chickens this year. I have four 6-week olds and am getting my friend's flock this weekend because she is moving out of town. I am in awe just watching the four that I have and I don't even get eggs yet. Can't wait!!!

  3. LOL Very cute. DH tells me he is sure that our chicks are planning a coup when he walks into the coop.

    1. If he doesn't usually tend them they might be. Mine peck othes but no me!

  4. heh, amazonesia we call it around here and yes! totally done it! They are cute tshirts :)

  5. Great shirts. I really want chickens someday.


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