Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy

Today is my Daddy's birthday.
He is a young 79 and lives with
his lovely wife in the Philippines.
I miss him very much but so very happy
for him to have found love with Maria.

I just found out as I am writing
this he is in the hospital!
Get well soon Dad
I love you very much!

Happy Birthday my dear Daddy!

These are my favorite photos of you
Because you look so happy!

Your namesake David learning
to use the lawnmower!

It is so hard when I cannot just call and say
"I love you"!

He is such a handsome and smart young man!
We are very proud of him!

Randy and I saw Zoey this last weekend in Lexington, KY!
(Kristin's new place)
She so reminds me of someone else at that age!

Mischief in her eyes and a smile on her face!

Me and my chickens!
The little creatures bring me great joy!
(Except when I am cleaning up poop)!

Kristin came home for the 4th of July with Zoey!

It sometimes hard to believe these beautiful women are my babies!

All grown up!

Ashley's living and working at the beach!

(Anyone not my family you may consider these vulgar
I apologize but I love these men very much)
I think this one will make you laugh dad!
Dad does this remind you of anyone else's
Picture lately?

We love you!

Happy Birthday!
Get Well Soon!

Lisa, Randy, Ashley, David, Kristin, and Zoey


  1. Happy Birthday to your Father! You have a beautiful family & I sure that he is super proud of you!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to your sweet dad and get well wishes too. Little Zoey is just too cute, and yes a very mischievous little grin!

  3. Lovely family...happy belated birthday "dad"; get well soon. "Dad", you have a great daughter (Lisa) and beautiful grands and great grands too; so loving the internet, it just increases my circle of friends and makes my world a fun and interesting place. Lisa, please snuggle a chicken for me, and if I'm ever in town, I'll stop by and clean some poop for you ;-)

  4. Happy Birthday and Get Well soon In the Boon Dock's Dad!

    Going to have to do a lot better than than a birdie to offend TBZ. As a matter of fact, I'm not sure what would actually do it. hahahaha!

  5. Happy Birthday to your Dad and hope he feels loads better real soon :) Love your family pics :) Zoey is just darling!!

  6. Sorry your Dad lives so far away!


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