Treasure Hunting 2

Treasure Hunting

Do you hunt for treasure at flea markets,
garage/yards sales,
and Estate sells?

I love the hunt this time
I found a couple of items
and one I want to share
with one of you!

Is it trash or a treasure you tell me!

I went to a family estate sale
and found this Vintage Dresden Plate Quilt for $40!
Since it was made by someone
in my husbands family
I really wanted it to stay in our family!
I think this is a great treasure!
What do you think?

For now I will use it to hide
some of Zoey's growing number
of toys in my living room corner!

Next up is this
Vintage Princess Sewing Basket
(It even has a Pat. Number)

The lid

The spool rack
(Some of the pegs had fallen off and I glued them back on)
The spool rack will need to be glued back inside

Nice medium sized pink basket!
With original strings to attach lid

It is about the length of a movie or game box!
(No they don't come with it)

I figured since I got this
sewing box
that I would offer it to anyone who wants
it that is willing to pay $10 for me to ship it to you!
(I looked on eBay they are selling for $30 + $10 - $15 shipping)
So $10 will cover shipping!

Is this a treasure to you?

If it is leave a comment and I will email you my Paypal!

No catch just a bonus

Thank you for reading!


  1. pink is my favorite color!!!!! I think this needs to be mine!

  2. The quilt is definitely a treasure!!! And too bad lorene beat me to the pink sewing basket. It's a treasure too. Not sure what I'd do with it but it's still a treasure!

  3. Lisa, you did indeed find some treasures. I think I stopped breathing when I saw the quilt. It is gorgeous.What a treasure to pass on to another generation!


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