Saturday, October 25, 2014

Oliso for Christmas what a deal

I have admired these irons for years but the cost was just not in my bank account. A lot of things are that way for the average family these days. That is one reason I really enjoy shopping with Massdrop

Massdrops description of the Oliso Iron

Pinky and the Brain
You need an iron hot enough for serious quilting needs, but smart enough to cool off when the time is right. If you can add some pink flair to match your playful style, all the better. Providing the speed you need without burning or scorching, the Oliso Pink TG1100 Smart Iron graces your home projects with a crisp finish and ironing board with an aesthetic flourish.

Note: This drop is limited to 100 units.

Here is how it works! I bought one and hope that enough others buy one so we all get the lowest price which is $106.99! Plus some money is donate to breast cancer by Oliso! If you have ever wanted this iron now is the time to buy!

If you have not joined Massdrop it is easy to join and look around.

I get nothing for telling you about Massdrop! There is a code I could try and find but I think the idea that as a group we can bargain for better prices is worth promoting.

Christmas morning this pink iron will be waiting for me under my tree how about yours?

Thank you for reading!
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Lucky you for living in the right country for Massdrop to be beneficial to you! I got stung on customs and handling charges on the one drop that I purchased. Looks like a great iron - enjoy!!

  2. You must been a very good girl this year! Very pretty in pink but still out of reach for this gal!

  3. Hi Lisa. I love Massdrop! I just bought a box of 12 Aurifil threads for $81. That works out to $6.75 per spool!!! Can't beat it.


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