Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pincushion Inspiration

I love magazines!
Seeing who is making what and new techniques being used! New Fabrics being released! I have had this one sitting on my sewing table looking at these beautiful pillows.
A light bulb went on - isn't that the cutest pincushion!
Shrink it!

Love Patchwork & Quilting - Sharing your passion for fabric! this project is in Issue 20, (one of my favorite magazines). It is from the U.K. but you can find it at Barnes & Noble Stores near you or a Books a Million. Book stores with magazines are my favorite place to hang out in a city. Which is one of the few things I miss living out here in the boon docks.


I started to work on my shrink it project last night and testing different size hexagons, I think I am happy with 1 1/2"! I have cut several sizes of strips and will get back to you on what works! For now this is what I have.

I am in a Halloween Mini Quilt Swap on Instagram and I think my partner will really love this pincushion once I figure it out! The fabric above is Cotton + Steel! I think it might be to little for a lot of quilting like in the pillows but I am going to sew it directly to my batting!

I learned something! Do not spray adhesive glue on your hand while holding a 1 1/2" hexagon, it does not wash off. I washed my hands 5 times and was still sticky.

Use hand sanitizer to remove the glue!

Safe travels!

If you live anywhere near Sturges, South Dakota watch out for all the motorcycles on the roads! Biggest bike rally ever is going on this week over a million bikers are suppose to attend. Glad I am home!

My husband (in the leather vest) and his best friend at Mount Rushmore! Since his surgery last December we decided we would get out more to visit with family and friends. Enjoying the life God has given us. We have really gone a lot of places this Summer and surprisingly haven't gone broke. Traveling on a budget can be done with some planning ahead.

Please take time to smell the roses with your loved ones!


Thank you for stopping by - Create and be unique - Lisa

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  1. What fun fabrics you're using. I'm looking forward to seeing how it comes along.

    Health scares do have a tendency to make one re-evaluate life and make some changes. Glad you and your husband are enjoying the changes you're making.

  2. Yup - I do that everytime I use spray baste spray!!

  3. That is so cute.

    Ahhh....Sturgis! We have landed there several times, quite by accident, during the Sturgis rally. Trust me, there are no hotels to be had for a million miles in any direction. I've never seen so many bikes in my life.

  4. What a great way to take something you love and shrink it down so you can at least get the urge to make it out of your system. Love it! Love your advice - we should all get out once and awhile and remember that there's life away from the sewing machine (shock, horror) and enjoy it with the people that make us happy! <3


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