Monday, November 30, 2015

Fat Quarter Shop Cyber Sell

It is Cyber Monday!
Go get those fat quarter bundles you have been wanting!

I went shopping on Black Friday at the Quilting Fabric, Quilt Fabric, Moda Fabrics, Quilt Kits, Online Quilting Fabrics & FREE Quilt Patterns | Fat Quarter Shop!


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Thursday, November 26, 2015

FW 1930s Grandma


Block 39 Grandma

Hello Everyone! Well here we are at my day for posting in the Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt Sew-along, The day after Thanksgiving for those of you living in the USA. I have seen so many beautiful blocks in all kinds of fabric combinations that you can view in the Facebook Group. This is the first of four post I will be doing over the next year. I am a Blogger of the week. Exciting and scary at the same time. I am very grateful to the Fat Quarter Shop, and Gnomeangel for giving me the opportunity to participate as an official blogger.

The letter for this block from a woman of later age really hit home for me. She reminded me of my grandma. Grandma came to live with use when I was 2. She had married young, raised 5 children, on a farm not 5 miles from her parents farm, her birthplace. When the last child graduated from high school and married she came to live with us to help care for me while my parents worked. She was a strong woman who had never left Texas since her birth and was then living in California. What a different world it must have been for her. I always admired my grandma for her bravery and her love of her family. When I was about 7, my parents divorced, Grandma bought a home in the town her children had gone to high school in and Momma and I lived with her. Her youngest daughter had children by then and she cared for all of us while our parents worked. Each letter within the book from women of the 1930s have the same concerns we do today. They lift you up and make you feel good even in bad times there is good.

The Grandma block (39) has lots of triangles and if your foundation paper piecing (FPP) and trying to fussy cut, use a fabric that is nondirectional. Meaning it doesn't matter if it is upside down or sideways!

As Blogger's we all try to find different ways to teach a lesson or just let you know that problems you maybe having with your blocks, others are too. You are not alone.

I used the Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) technique included in the book. When I started the sew along I didn't have much experience with FPP. But I have practiced, practiced, practiced, and developed my In The Boon Docks: Tools in My Toolbox - FPP which has really made the sewing of the block much easier. The importance of using a small stitch width (I use 1.6) when sewing FPP is when you are removing the papers on the back. I recommend leaving the papers on until you get ready to join them together in a quilt or use them in project. It protects your blocks from stretching and becoming all wonky.

Fabrics are Tula Pink assorted fabrics and Cotton Supreme Solids, RJR Fabrics. Thread is Aurifil 2600 Dove which is great for piecing all colors.
The perfect tool for removing the papers are a pair of long slender tipped tweezers! I originally bought these to remove splinters. On the outside papers you can slip the side of the tweezers and remove the paper pretty easily.
But once you move into the next layer of papers it gets a little harder, that is when you carefully stick the tweezer point into the paper and move it to the edge and gently give it a tug. Some might just fall out but others take a little work!

The idea is removing the papers without pulling out the stitches or causing the block to stretch out of shape!

Throw away your pill of trash!

If you are using the templates the conversion chart for Block 39 Grandma From Marti Michell Quilting Blog: Chart 18: Grandma.

The Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt | by Laurie Aaron Hird or Fons & Porter/F+W; RRP $28.99 The Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt | it's on sale.

The coupon code works with the

Quilting Fabric, Quilt Fabric, Moda Fabrics, Quilt Kits, Online Quilting Fabrics & FREE Quilt Patterns | Fat Quarter Shop. Happy shopping and block making! Lisa

I'll see you at the linkup at GnomeAngel – Life of a Creator, Maker and Baker lets SWAP!

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Fat Quarter Shop - Black Friday


Black Friday Starts at 10 pm Thurday Night CST or Midnight here in WV!



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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hello all! Family home to eat and hunt so as a record my 24 years old baby girl got the first buck for the family today.

Good to see her looking so happy beating her Uncle and cousin to get the first deer. If you don't hunt I apologize for the picture. But for the record our family hunts for food that we eat through out the year. We are not trophy hunters but meat eaters.

Enjoy your holiday and I'll be back Friday!


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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Holiday Destash


Buy yourself a Christmas Present

Each year around this time I try to sell some of my oop (out of print) fabrics to make some room and have Christmas money for my Grandchildren. This sale is running on IG at the same time to get the most exposure! If prices seem to high on a item leave me offer in the comments! I have only done this once before so I am still learning!

Prices does not include shipping! Shipping will be added on.

Some great deals here!



Leave a comment with what item you want, paypal, and zip code, then I will send you an invoice! Thank you for helping our family have a debt free Christmas. Lisa





Friday, November 13, 2015

Farmer's Wife Bingo



Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt


For week 6 Angie of Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt Sew-along Bingo Link Up Party - GnomeAngel changed things up a bit by choosing blocks that have been completed previously. This week bingo blocks are #1 Addie, #8 Aunt, #16 Bonnie, #24 Coral, and #94 Susannah!


Thank you for stopping by to look at my blocks!

If you are looking for the blog hop In The Boon Docks: Christmas Is In My Heart

Have a wonderful weekend! Lisa


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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Christmas Is In My Heart

Welcome, today is the day 1, of the "Christmas Is In My Heart" Blog Hop, coordinated by the lovely Marian of Seams To Be Sew - the schedule - Christmas Is In My Heart Schedule. The requirements for this blog hop was to be Christmas related and have a heart on the project. Thank you Marian you have done a great job on all the arrangements and I am so happy to participate. The blog hop will run from November 12 - November 19, 2015, each day will have a $25 Gift Certificate provided by the Fat Quarter Shop at Seams To Be Sew


I decided I would make a quilt for my cousin and his wife as my project.

The two lines of hearts show how their love will endure the test of time. Every year my cousin and his family come for the week of Thanksgiving including last year when my husband had a heart attack the Saturday after. This quilt is giving thanks for all the love and help Jessie (my cousin) gave us in the days and weeks that followed. As you can see below my husband is very lucky after his heart attack, he had 6 bypasses, and a lot of cardiac therapy. It seems like yesterday, but in a few weeks it will be a year. My cousin who lives 4 hours away took his family home, took vacation time from his job and came to stay. He did anything that needed to be done and was there for all of us.

"Giving Thanks", 90" x 90", Nomad, by Urban Chiks, Moda, Solid Seafoam, Quilters Cotton, Aurifil thread

I love to piece quilts but I use a longarm quilter to do the quilting! I love the way my friend makes them look in a way I cannot. I admire those of you who can do it yourself and I have tried but if it is larger than a baby quilt, I just don't get the results I want. Irene is a professional and does an excellant job. I'll get it back just before Thanksgiving when we celebrate Christmas early with their family. So excited, he has wanted a quilt for their bed!


This is the deer my cousin did not get last year! He gets four at once! Nomad is such a great line for a couples bed with prints designed for both! Not to manly and not to girly, just right.


Please visit the other bloggers for today who have worked so hard on their projects for your enjoyment.

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Bumbleberry Stitches

The Giveaway at Seams To Be Sew begins and ends at midnight each day of the blog hop and you might win a $25 Gift Certificate to the Quilting Fabric, Quilt Fabric, Moda Fabrics, Quilt Kits, Online Quilting Fabrics & FREE Quilt Patterns | Fat Quarter Shop

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Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veteran's Day

American Veterans - Thank You For Your Service

To all my favorite Red, White, and Blue, I wish you a great day!

With great respect for your service - Elizabeth Williams Winters Johnson, YN2, USN, 1982 - 1991





Monday, November 9, 2015

Lifetime Health Checks

Lifetime Health Checks

Over the last couple weeks and coming months I am having medical checkups to insure I am healthy. So far so good.

I have a great team of doctors who told me it is time for X-rays, GYN Pap, Mammogram, Ultrasounds, Colonoscopy, Radio Frequencies, Nerve Blocks, Trigger Point Injections, and anything else they might think of over the coming months.

Mobility is an ongoing issue for me. I am undergoing procedures to hopefully help increasing it and decrease the amount of medication I take daily . Better mobility means more sewing! Definitely worth it.

During this time I will slowing down a bit in my participation in the Farmer's Wife 1930s Sew along and possibly blogging. I will try to post blocks when I can get them done. This last week (week 6) I didn't completed any blocks. I really missed my sewing time but I did have 2 doctors appointment and a radio frequency procedure on my neck.

I am working on the Addie block so I can participate in Angie's and the Farmer's Wife 1930s Sew Along Bingo Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt Sew-along Bingo Link Up Party - GnomeAngel, which is open until November 14th. Make sure to link up if you have completed the blocks, she is having a giveaway.

Sharing with you my health is my responsibility to you as a blogger. I am not telling you so you worry! PLEASE do not. Most of these tests should be conducted every couple years for a woman of my age (51). The way the world is today many women may not see the same doctor each time you go to a click or doc-in-the-box or only go when you are already sick. Well Visits are important too! Insurance should not be an issue for not having Mammograms and GYNECOLOGY checkups! If you are a women who had your uterus removed and still have overies you still need to have a GYN appointment every few years to have them checked, this may include having an ultrasound. Call any place in your local phone book that has Womens Health in the title and they will know where you can get them done for free!

I want to go to these two's precious kiddo's graduations, weddings, and enjoy life! Please if it has been over (2) years since you have seen a gynecologist call and get checked out. I am here if you want to talk just leave a comment I want to talk and I'll send you an email or you can email me through my profile. I am not a doctor just a woman!

With much respect - Lisa