Monday, December 14, 2015

Le Challenge - Space

Hello, I am Lisa and welcome to In The Boon Docks! First, I'd like to thank Lucy at Charm About You: space ~ le challenge ~ Levi's 2.0 and Nat at Made in Home: Vintage Inspired pincushion | Tutorial the creators of the Le Challenge! It is open to all with the possibility of prizes! A monthly linky party with a theme! What do you think of when you see the word SPACE?

This months challenge is Space but when I think of space I think outer space (fabric above is Marty goes to Mars)! I going to make something for myself out of my Marty fabric, it is just so cute. Secondly, I think of the space I need to get clean or decorated for the holidays. In reality I have been trying to organize my space for awhile.

Like trying to keep all my Aurifil thread in one space! (It seems to wander around from my sewing machine or the table by my livingroom chair).

My fabric stash takes up a lot of space! Do you know I have given away 6 moving boxes of fabric over the last year! You would think that would have freed up a lot of space but it really didn't! One goal for 2016 is to use the fabric I have to reduce the space it is taking up. Clubs not included! But no new ones because we need more living space.

So what did I make? A space saving gift idea! I started out all over the place. What got me was this year David's teacher is a man! What can you make for a man that doesn't take a lot of time and be useful? The Boxy pouch is the perfect idea for cleaning up a space and men use them!

This is my first boxy pouch so I made a test one to see what I would need to do. (My husbands's cousin really enjoys getting my first of things, so this is for her)! David's teacher might be a little amused if I gave him this one.

A little space in my bed sometimes would be nice! I do enjoy a good cuddle though so she can have all the space she wants when she comes to visit.

I know Christmas is next week but I am feeling a little scatterbrained. I do this every year finding things I still haven't done, finished, or wrapped. Next year I think I'll just give everyone a candy bar and have a maid service clean my house.

I have an giveaway open until December 18th! Please take a minute and enter! In The Boon Docks: SMS Giveaway Days You might win!

I hope your holidays are happy and creative - Lisa



  1. Your boxy pouch is fabulous and what a lot of great ways to interpret space! I think your idea for next year sounds perfect ;) Thanks for linking up to le challenge!

  2. Great post, I am drooling over your organized fabric stash and the Sassy bag is adorable!

  3. Can't beat a box pouch, they are so useful!

  4. All those boxes of fabric look fun :)

  5. Ah yes Space, I end up on the edge of the bed often :) Love how you have your Aurifil set up, so pretty and that stash, if you need help getting more space for that, let me know, haha!


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