Thursday, March 10, 2016

Whats Up

All In A Row Quilt Along

For February's goal for OMG, I wanted to complete a row and enter #allinarowquiltalong on Facebook and I got it done but I didn't link up with everything going on around the house. Missed the linkup! I will do better! You can see here where I was working on it on Valentines day In The Boon Docks: VAL 2016 if you want. So for the record February's Goal was met! You have until March 15 to submit rows into the Facebook Group! I am going to try and get another row done before the deadline.


On The Mend

It was fantastic dealing with "Pink Eye" on my not so delighted 10 year old. But who doesn't hate Augmenten (Yuck) twice a day, and having someone put drops in your eyes 4 times a day. Then I caught a cold on top of it all and the weather has changed again. Meaning it is cold as ol' billy hell outside, my Grandma always used to say that. I haven't had time to do anything but wash a million washcloths and disinfect everything in my house! Alright, I am done complaining. My guy is all well and was happy to go back to school. It got warm again.

Then I got sicker and couldn't hardly get out of bed and hubby called my Doctor who saw me Monday and gave me antibiotics and steroids. Tomorrow is Friday. Finally feeling better but not well yet. This post is a combination a couple weeks while our household was ill. Sorry if it seems a little jumbled.

I Sewed Knits and I like It

I did venture into make a pair of sleep pants for hubby and found out that men need a little more stretch in places and just tracing a pair of old ones doesn't always work. He was so sweet putting them on. I had to ask him to take them off with the promise I would find a pattern for him. So, if you know of any please let me know in the comments. The pants fit me with a little moderation to the elastic, so nothing wasted.


I participated in a Pouch Swap on Instagram #2016pouchswap if you want to see what everyone create. This is the package I made and put together for my partner. It was really fun to make all those HSTs (half square triangles), a pincushion 3" wide, a coaster (bigger than the pouch), and a 4" pouch out of 1" hsts! The little floral prints are from the "Little House on the Prairie" line. I received them in a Quilty Box. You get some really great items every month like the Petites Threads I also included in my partners box.

If you are interested signup for their newsletter and they give you a code for $10 off your first month. After that quit or stay but I am pretty sure you will get hooked. Quilty Box - Home lots of things I keep for myself some I use in my swaps, but all of it is awesome.

Foundation Paper Piecing - Color Wheel Arrows

Here is what I am working on whenever I feel good enough to get out of bed, for me, a little "Selfish Sewing". It is a pattern by Lily's Quilts: About Me, that I shrank from MAGAZINE Archives - Love Patchwork & Quilting. Issue 30, which you can find in stores here in the United States, about now. One of my favorite online retailers Quilting Magazines - Sewing Magazines | Fat Quarter Shop might have it. It takes it a little longer for it to start selling in the USA after the release in the United Kingdom.

It is 8 1/2", I still have some work. I hope to make a mini quilt for my wall. I guess that is about all for now. It is after 1 am so I need my sleep at least until I am well.

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Thank you for stopping by and checking on me! Lisa



  1. Get well my friend and keep sewing this awesomeness xx

  2. Soryy to hear about the pink eye and you being sick! Praises your son is better and you're on the mend! I love your row of houses! Great working the pouch swap! The color wheel arrows block is awesome! Get rest and stay hydrated!

  3. Lisa will you please let me know if I'm still showing as a no-reply blogger or not. Thanks for letting me know earlier today! I hope you've continued to feel better throughout the day.


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