Friday, November 18, 2016

FPP Patterns



Kristy has some great Tutorials on her blog to help improve or teach you FPP Quiet Play: Tutorials I really enjoy foundation paper piecing and hope you give it a try! She has a few free patterns you can start with to see if you enjoy it and go from there.

I recently was in a swap doing foundation paper piecing (FPP) with Quiet Play patterns by Kristy. Her patterns are great for anyone from beginner to advanced and are available Quiet Play's Pattern Store | Craftsy . The way the swap worked was you picked your 3 favorite patterns and your partner would make you one of them, and you would do the same for someone else. In Secret swaps you making for one person and that person makes for someone else. I like this type it is a lot of fun!

My parnter had chosen two mermaids and another pattern! I chose the GeometricMermaid Paper Pieced Pattern | Craftsy design amoung the three Quiet Play Patterns she had in her mosaic. I was afraid right up until I finished it that maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew. This particular pattern has many tiny pieces.

I wasn't quite sure I could pull it off. I am amazed how easily it went together. The pattern writer knows her job. After taking it section by section, and the time to do it right, I got it completed and sewn into a pillowcase like she asked. Stretching your skills only helps to improve your overall sewing performance.


I was terribly excited when I got my top pick of the patterns I had chosen Geometric Sewing Machine Pattern | Craftsy . My partner Linda or Linda (@llsmail) • Instagram photos and videos did an excellent job on the color mixture and skill work, which I really appreciate! She can be my partner anytime! It looks so beautiful up on the wall I just love it!




Sorry for all the Screenshot photographs but I am having a bit of trouble with the software I blog with lately. If you have a good one please share!


Note about Swaps - Nothing hurts worse than to spend days and hours on a project then receive an item that is falling apart that someone threw together to make the due date. If you need help ask the hostess running the swap or the person you bought the pattern from do not just give up!



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