Monday, January 30, 2017

Wild Babies 2017 BOM

Janeen Van Nickerk of Quilt Art Designs @quiltartdesigns is an amazing foundation paper piecing (FPP) designer! She is one of the reasons I love FPP! Her "Wild Babies BOM for 2017", are gorgeous so far and I admit up front I may not yet have the experience to do the blocks justice but I am going to try!

Maybe you should join me!

Each month she releases a block for free for that month but after the month is up it will cost you a few bucks. Make sure follow her blog so you see the post each month when it is released! Quilt Art Designs: January Block of the Month Then go to her Shop on Craftsy Quilt Art Designs | Craftsy and download the pattern. Print it off and get busy!

This is January's block, Koala Baby, that you might have to pay for it you don't get it before January 31, 2017!


I downloaded my pattern and will work on getting caught up between my other obligations! First thing to do is find the fabrics in the right colors! I love that her patterns give you a color list and how much of each color you need. Quilt Art Designs stop by and follow her blog, then get your pattern Quilt Art Designs | Craftsy!

I hope you join me even if it is to collect her beautiful patterns!

Enjoy your week! Lisa


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Aurifil Thread DOM Reboot

Aurifil is going back to 2012! To give you a chance to revisit embroidery design blocks. In 2012, Aurifil Floss was not invented and everyone used Aurifil 12 wt. thread to do embroidery. But now, Aurifil offers 270 stunning colors of Aurifloss, 100% Cotton 6-strand floss but I still use 12 wt. to hand stitch designs and love it! So whether you use floss or 12 wt. these designs are still so cute that they shout to be made by the public again.

Aurifil is having a monthly linky party with the blocks and you could win Aurifil Floss!

Interested? Go visit Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot: January | AURIbuzz and download the January block and instructions. Designer Roseann Kermes of Rosebud’s Cottage first introduced her Snowbird block in January of 2012.



What a great way to practice your embroidery skills! I think I will try to make the one a month too! So, that link again is Stitch the 2012 DOM Reboot: January | AURIbuzz



Stitch up your very own version of Snow Bird and upload a photo of your block to the Aurifil linky party. They will randomly select one winner per month to receive a small box of 100% Cotton 6-strand Aurifloss.

Entries will be accepted until 11:55pm on Feb. 22. Winner will be chosen and announced here on February 23, the date of the next block!

Thank you for stopping by and maybe join me at the Linky Party! Hugs - Lisa


Friday, January 27, 2017

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Layer Cake Pop Fat Quarter Shop


Hello my name is Lisa and welcome to "In The Boon Docks"!

The Fat Quarter Shop is an online store with everything a quilter needs to create a quilt from start to finish! This Quilt Along is just one of the many ways the Fat Quarter Shop helps you be the best quilter you can be by proving you with a free pattern. They have a Youtube channel and you can watch Kimberly Jolly make this very quilt, Layer Cake Pop Shortcut Quilt - Fat Quarter Shop - YouTube! She will teaching you everything you need to know about how to make the Layer Cake Pop!

The Layer Cake Pop pattern is a great sew and available on the Fat Quarter Shop Website and at the Jolly Jabber blog Shortcut Quilt: Layer Cake Pop - Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber

It is easy to chain piece the parts together to make beautiful blocks!



Layer Cake Pop Baby Quilt - 55" x 44" - Fabrics Handmade by Bonnie and Camille, Moda, Aurifil Thread - Aurifil 50 wt. 2600

Thanking for stopping by and go see the other Blogger's quilts at Shortcut Quilt: Layer Cake Pop - Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber


The Fat Quarter Shop has discount for you if you purchase a layer cake in a new collection, a timeless favorite, or something you’ve had your eye on and get..

***15% off with the code Cake15!***




Wednesday, January 18, 2017

2017 Comes Roaring In

These are my happy little people!

They make my heart sing and tears flow when they are unhappy. Today was Miss Z's Birthday, the big 4 and I didn't even get to call her. We see her on Sunday for her party. Happy Birthday sweet girl Nana loves you!



This guy is growing up so fast! Handsome, shy, and smart he will have the ladies lined up one day. He is just fine and healthy for his age! We had a great time at a couple of girls birthday party.


Here is another one of our babies "Tia" at almost 14 weeks she is learning to play with other dogs next door more her size and trying to stay out of "George" and "Brandy's" way. When she get tired she finds me and sleeps on my feet as I sew. I have spent more time with her training her to be a lover not a fighter, and I will say it is very tiring but rewarding.


Snowball, Aurifil, and I are working on few secret projects! It is keeping me busy. I think 2017 will be quite the quilty year for me.



Something I will be doing in 2017 is this beautiful Bella Skill Builder Quilt Kit Exclusive Fat Quarter Shop Kit designed by Sherri McConnell | Fat Quarter Shop. I just love the quilt blocks in this quilt! Click on the link and find out about getting started yourself soon.


I am working on a "Hazel the hedgehog" and I love these Alison Glass fabrics for her spikes! It is for a swap for Instagram. #hazelmaniaswap if you travel there you can find me at @intheboondocks

The hope all your holidays went beautifully ours was pretty wonderful. I kept busy being a wife, mother, and Nana. I hope all of our 2017 will be happy and healthy.

Love you all and thank you for checking in on this fabric junky!





Sunday, January 8, 2017

Would you like to learn FPP


After the holidays I got ill and spent a little time looking for a block to add to my oldest wip started in 2012 the Craftsy Block of the month. I have 8 completed blocks and one more is enough for a baby quilt.

I love to cruise blogs, instagram, and my wonderful sponsors sites! You just never know what you miss when your so busy you can miss a lot!

The Aurifil Italian Threads website have every color and kind of thread you could dream of and that is not all (one day you should go on the site and click buttons - you will learn something, for sure)! The blog is amazing it shows new promotions, giveaways, bios on new designers, and great articles.

Sure enough on the blog I found the Block of the Month 2016 run by Aurifil Master Pat Sloan Pat Sloan's QuiltersHome each year they choosing the best of the best to create a block for the BOM.

I found this great FREE Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) block Aurifil 2016 December Designer of the Month Amanda Herring | AURIbuzz this link will take you to the article and interview about Amanda Herring! Amanda Herring is the blogger of the The Quilted Fish and a personal idol of mine!

link to download the December BOM block is here

FPP Flower Block



Once you print it off you will see no teeny tiny parts! Each block has the size of fabric you will need for each part! It is only 4 colors! It is possibly the best written simple pattern that looks great when your done!

So what are you waiting for go download, print, and cut it out! Just one block! That's the way to get started! Look at the fabric sizes you need for pieces. Pick four you like or hate, I do the latter if I am doing something I don't know if I'll like it when I am done. No waste!

As you can see a nice big wedge! The pieces are not all the same but fit together perfect!


You need to set your Sewing Machine width to 1.6, a little stick glue for your first fabric, make sure to use the sizes of fabric Amanda lists on the pattern. A few tools - something to fold your paper over. Mine is a sweet card from a friend. A ruler (1/4" ruler is what my yellow one is) but if you are trying this for the first time you can carefully use any ruler. Then you need a rotary cutter. To trim each piece the 1/4" after sewing it down.


It came out so nice I think I might be making more after I get through sewing a few secret projects! I think this is a great practice block to learn FPP and I hope you do too!

The new Aurifil Designer Block of the Month (BOM) 2017 will be starting soon! If you click on this link Aurifil Italian Threads | Resources and go to the bottom of the page you will see newsletter! But your email in the block! Did I tell you if you make a block during the month it comes out you can enter to win great Aurifil thread!