Sunday, May 7, 2017

Geranium Dress and other makes

Hello Everyone, I have had such an exciting week with the birth of little Miss Lilly, her Momma's C-section, and no wi-fi in their home to do my posting! It is delightful being here but I guess you never think of something until you don't have it! Lucky me, I will walk down the road to a candy store to post! But hey whatever works and they offered! More about them another time.


Meet Miss Kennedy, my new kinda Granddaughter! She is Lilly's half sister by another Mom. She is sporting my first ever dress by me without a pattern, In Cotton and Steel's Panda fabric! She is such a beautiful and sweet little girl! She loved playing princess for me after I made her dress but is a little camera shy. I will claim her!


Miss Lilly Anne who arrived on Monday, May 1, 2017, at 8 lbs 4 oz, and 20 inches long, is sporting a Geranium Dress, also Cotton and Steel's Panda fabric! I have a link a few posts back for the free Geranium Dress Pattern (0 - 3 months) by Made-by-Ray! (No Internet while writing a post means I cannot add links)!

I cannot say enough good things about this pattern - simple, easy to make, great directions, and free! I will buy the more advanced pattern for later on when she grows out of this size! It will work for Summer!

Since these dresses are cotton I used Aurifil 50 wt. #2600 thread and it worked beautifully! I just love the sheen of the gray on the topstitching!


Other things I made this week!

I wanted a swaddling blanket that didn't look like it was from the hospital, I had one yard of flannel, I brought with me! I so wish I had brought more!

I measured the blanket 36" x 36", looked at its sewing, an overlocked stitch all the way around. So simple! The fabric is Katie and Birdie, Storybook, flannel, and again I used Aurifil 50 wt. #2600 thread! I used the strip of flannel leftover and made a burb cloth!


They came out so nice and soft!

I am a thrift store junky but they don't really seem to have them where I live so I was really excited to go to one with my daughter. We found this elephant planter that I turned into a pincushion, with some stuffing and a 5" square of Alison Glass fabric, to use while I am here or the rest of my life, it is just to cute!



Everyone is fine in my world, hope it is in yours! I miss my guy's at home and can't wait for them, but sometimes a woman needs her Mommy!

Hugs to all, I'll try to check in again soon. Lisa



  1. How sweet for the sisters to have matching dresses! Love your elephant re-do. :)

  2. What sweet little girls, and the dresses are beautiful!

  3. What adorable girls, and so well dressed! Love the blankie and burp cloth. The elephant pincushion is too, too cute!


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