Saturday, September 30, 2017

Christmas FPP Pattern



Photo borrowed from Quilt Art Designs blog.

Janeen is @qadesigns on instagram! She designed the tiger I made and her patterns are spot on when you are piecing it all together!

New Foundation Piecing Pattern: Janeen's blog Quilt Art Designs is participating in the Christmas Caroling Row Along… | with Seams to be Sew and created the most beautiful row of the Nativity! It is gorgeous and best of all it is FREE - Quick link to Quilt Art Design Craftsy Shop

Note: (when you open the shop.... click on the right side menu and press NEWEST.... then everything will show up)

Download the pattern while it is free. I just have to find the time!


Have a wonderful weekend! Lisa


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  1. I thought that was amazing, too. I didn't realize she had designed your tiger. @gingerkwilt on IG


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