Sunday, February 18, 2018

Reuse Remake Recycle

Things have really changed around our household in the last couple of weeks.  My oldest daughter,  Ashley is having many health problems associated with her pregnancy! Diabetes has taken over her life and lead to a week in the hospital.  It made it hard to care for herself and 9 month old Lilly.  Now both are here at our house until baby is born.  Sometimes, as parents you have to do what is best for your family even if it inconveniences everyone.  Our family wants Ashley and the baby healthy.  When the baby is born Ashley and her family will go back to Wheeling, WV.  Until then we will all share our small house together and help each other out.

I was trying to find something to put Lilly’s blocks in so I made her this basket!

The fabric was from a yard sale $.25!  It was from a clothing factory that was once in Huntington, WV.  It came on a roll and was 2” wide.  Give life to something old!

It started out like this on the roll and then I folded over and just sewed it together.  Obviously, nothing fancy, then I rolled it up in a ball and waited for inspiration.

Inspiration struck Friday when I went looking for something to put her blocks in.  Babies love putting things in and out.  It entertains for hours! Sewing round and round! Zig zag stitching holds perfect!

Tah Dah! A basket is born!

I never made this kind of basket and it is certainly not perfect but my granddaughter could careless!  I know it will hold up to abuse because I used the strongest thread I know Aurifil 50 wt.  

Thank you for sticking with me!