Sunday, June 24, 2018

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Hi I am Lisa and have been blogging since 2012! The comments came to my email and I would answerones that I could and read them all.  Then one Update and they stopped coming.  It was happening to everyone and all bloggers are very displeased.

Now, I think it might be fixed! 
Not sure so that is where YOU come in!  
Could you leave a comment saying 
anything “nice” of course.
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Here are a few pictures of what I have been doing!
We drove for 2 days to get to SIL in Florida!

Sign that makes you kinda scared at a rest stop

Sitting in car, keeping my hands busy!

Finished this buck from Heidi Boyd I love her kits!  
They come with everything you need to make her delightful creatures.  
Except the Aurifil Floss (aurifil snob) I admit it!

I am doing something I never thought I would try again.
Making Hexi’s, in issue 61 Love Of Patchwork and Quilting they gave away the papers and a pattern.
  Matthew of Mister Domestic has a great tutorial on how to glue baste.  
Sew my hands aren’t cramping before I start.

This is the only magazine I have delivered to my house.  
In the states, it is easier to get a subscription than hunt the issues down in book stores.

Well you are caught up on my heartache and car ride.
Now, please leave a comment!
All my heart!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Retreat Bag 2.0

I love Santa Fe by Sara Watts as soon as I saw it in the Culcita box I knew I wanted something special.  My husbands birthday was coming up so I decided on a medicine pouch! It had to be big and different!

I saw a post on IG for the Internal Wire Frames for the Retreat Bag 2.0 by Emmaline Bags it said the pattern was free. I am sorry I don’t remember the shops name.  The frames for the large where $4.00 so I bought 4. I figured if it proved to hard I’d sell the rest. But if I liked the pattern I had them on hand to make more! Do you ever do that? Sometimes I end up with a bunch of junk I will never use.  But not this time! He loves the bag!  It is big and roomy!

It has two pockets.

 Problems for me 

Never sewn a zipper on the outside of a bag before. So, I searched on YouTube and found a video tutorial on sewing the bag by Birdcage and Thread. She does a great job explaining everything you need to do to make the bag.

The hardware intimidated me! How in Heaven was I going to sew bars into the bag? It turned out to be very easy!  You just unpick a small seam and slide them in!

All in all this is a great big bag! They also have a smaller size and they are both on the same pattern.  Here is a link to download the pattern free! 

The Retreat Bag 2.0

I am not associated with any of the products in this post! I really love this bag! So try it! I looked up a place that sells the frames!

Style B Frame $4.75

Have a great week! Lisa

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Where Flowers Bloom Blog Hop Day 1

For months now many people have been working 
on all kinds of flower projects to inspire you!  
Carla of Creatin’ in the Sticks is our hostess and
 I am grateful to be able to participate in this blog hop.

I went through a bunch of fabric trying to figure out what I wanted to make. 
 At the time my oldest daughter had her second daughter in less than a year.
Carla said we could make anything as long as it has flowers!
So, I did a little creative thinking!

Having been killing time at doctors appointments and 
at the hospital I had been watching a lot of online classes and Youtube videos!
 I came across a sewing course on 
Creativebug called 

Wardrobe Basics: Sewing Tunic No. 1

Using her -  #100 Acts of Sewing Patterns
(Which are free with the course)
By Sonya Philips

Flower Tunic 1 

This fabric is by Anna Maria Horner and comes in 4 colorways!
I think it is gorgeous!
I did not alter the pattern at all on this one.

Flower Tunic 2 - Tula Pink Fabric

I loved this Tula Pink print so much I have had it in my stash just waiting for the right project!

 I brought the neckline up on this shirt and added a 1 1/2” strip around the neck!  
To bring it in more!
 I really like that the patterns are easy to modify for a beginner such as myself.

A complete blog hop list is available at Carla’s of  Creatin’ in the Sticks , Where Flowers Bloom Schedule !

Please visit the other blogger’s in the blog hop today!

Monday, June 11, 2018
In The Boon Docks - your here
                                                                            Seams To Be Sew

I hope you enjoyed my post I love to sew!
I want you to know if you want to make your own clothes there are options!
Creativebug Instructors have taught me to sew many different kinds of clothes, including knits. 
 They have a 2 week free trial! Try it out and let me know what you think.

I’d love to hear from you please leave a comment!
Thank you for stopping by: Lisa

Side note:  I have no affiliations with Creativebug or any of there Partners.
  I just thought I’d share about something I like and works for me. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

Patchwork Petals Sewing Party

Have you heard about the sewing party with 
Matthew of Mister Domestic and Sheri of Whole Circle Studio

The Patchwork Petals Sewing Party will run for eight weeks from June 18th – August 12th. This is a sew-at-your-own pace party! You are not required to sew all four blocks. 

Every week, just by participating, you will be eligible to win some awesome gifts from the sponsors. All you need to do is post a work-in-progress photo on Instagram using the hashtag #PATCHWORKPETALSQUILT. 

You can get the pattern Sheri made here 
Patchwork Petals Pattern If you signup for Whole Circle Studios Newsletter this week Sheri has included a discount code for the pattern! Link to signup Newsletter

I am really excited about starting!  It will be great fun come join me!

Hope to see you there! Lisa

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Memory Pillows

Memory Pillows - Part 1

When a friend asked if I could make a couple pillows out of her Grandmother’s shirts for her Mom I said yes!  I have never done this before but I thought I would give it a try. There is a woman on Instagram who makes gorgeous bags out of loved ones leather coats! @piprobins - Gillian Hyde

I began by deconstructing the shirts.  Trying to get the most usable material as possible!

Shirt 1 - a kind of woven stretch material 

Shirt 2 - denim stretch

Anything can be useful as long as it is not frayed (worn out)! Including these buttons and the front!  I am going to use these as the closure on the back!

I was looking for a pattern and remembered a heart pillow I made years ago.  I will post a link to it in part 2.  I don’t remember what I did with the pattern so I looked at the pilllow and made it up!

So far this is what I have!  The pink fabric I starched and starched so it didn’t stretch to bad as I sewed, and it worked pretty well!  

This is as far as I got yesterday and I have another project that is time sensitive! Part 2 is coming! 

Hope you have a great weekend!  
Thank you for reading - Lisa