4th of July and our furry friends

Happy 4th of July

I hope you all have a great time
this evening take time to sit on a quilt and enjoy the fireworks!

I saw this in Amy Ball’s feed @cofferingsstudio on Instagram 
and ask if I could share it here! 
She is so nice!
I feel this way about every quilt I gift!

Her latest quilt!

I use my quilts outdoors and NO it doesn’t bother me a bit that anyone else would!

Thank you Amy for letting me pass on your knowledge this 4th of July!


Fireworks displays will be everywhere this evening and be scaring all the fur babies! Try some of these tricks to keep your animals safe! My pets will be in the house hiding! They hate the noise!

Please be especially careful with sparklers and little children! If you use sparklers have a bucket of water nearby to put used ones in! Sparklers are hot long after there spark and can cause terrible burns!

Stay Safe Today!


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