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Hi! I am Lisa, Christian, wife, mother, grandmother, United States Navy Veteran, and Artist. 
In a rural area of West Virginia, USA, my family and I, live with 2 dogs, chickens, squirrels, and miscellaneous deer (they live in our woods). We grow, can, and freeze, both fruits and vegetables. I will admit I am a awful cook but my husband is a Chef. Besides Blogging I enjoy, quilting, sewing, crocheting, and knitting!  Haven’t met to many crafts I haven’t tried.
           Quilting became my therapy after an accident left me disabled in 2000.  I could not longer work in my profession or any other.  I identified my self through my work.  It was my purpose in life to provide for my family.  After losing that I was lost! 

 A doctor told me to find something meaningful that I could do within my limitations!  It took a few years until I stumbled into a quilt store (WV Quilts), whose owner and staff where caring and loving.  They taught me how to sew and gave me purpose again.  People to talk to and creations to make.  Michelle challenged me with bigger and harder projects to help me grow my skills.  

Now I have self confidence again and a purpose.  It is challenging with no deadlines except the ones I put upon myself.  Even on the medications with safeguards, I can sew, create, blog and make friends.  Something no therapist could give me back but the quilting community did.  So yes quilting is my therapy.  Jump to today!

I love to blog, blog hop, swap, sew, quilt, crochet, knit, and just about any DIY project. I am a fabric and Aurifil thread lover! Hopefully, some of the things I write about here will interest you and keep you entertained. 

If so, please leave a comment occasionally and follow. Follow any way you like if I don't have it available, just send me an email. Thank you for stopping by "In The Boon Docks", and come back anytime!  Create and be unique, Lisa

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