Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tuesday Linky

I am going to the Linky Party over at Quilting By The River the button is on the right. There is always something fun over there on Tuesday's. Please join us and be inspired.

The Festival of Half Square Triangles is on to voting for the top ten. Which has some beautiful quilts to vote on. I am so pleased with myself because I got my entry done and posted. But I wanted to share what I got done with all of you!

The Festival of Half Squared Triangles Entry is finally done. I appreciate all the followers who gave their input to help me get the creative juices flowing. The comment made by a few was to just go "crazy", so my friends, I did. I hope you all like the final results!

This is the front of my new iPad Bag! I just love the Zig Zag Revolution!!

The beautiful back of sideways zig zags!

Zig zag every way.

What I learned during this festival is:

1. It is easier to baste with this

Than trying to put 100 pins in something to quilt it.

2. How to make a flap and bind around it. (these were the hardest techniques for me). I pressed and pressed those little corners. I think it is much easier to bind a quilt than something small.

3. All those pillowcases I made in the last year using a "French Seam" paid off. It worked great on the sides.

I have loaded my photo's in the Flickr group and am joining the Festival of Half Squared Triangles Linky Party at Canoe Ridge Creations

Please click on the link to see what all of us who joined the festival have created for your viewing pleasure. I would have a button for you but i cannot get the html code to cut and paste. Still having a few problems learning iPad technology. It has gotten amazingly better in the last week.


  1. It turned out great! Love the chevron style! =D

  2. Your case is fabulous! I love the bright colours :)

  3. What a neat iPad bag and love the chevrons! Good luck and thanks so much for sharing!
    Quilting at the River Linky Party Tuesday

  4. A lot of learning, and a wonderful finish! Love your bag.


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