Sunday, May 27, 2012


Do I save this for the county fair and mail it to the mother with a hopeful ribbon or mail it to the mother when I am done? I still need to put the aqua border on it. I might put a little white 1 1/2" border around the pink, then the aqua border? Got any advice? I am listening!

The fair is in July I think? Is that to long to wait?


  1. *cough neither you send it in the post to your dear friend Cherie cough*
    Yes to both both borders. You need something to break down the pink.

    P.s Have the buckles arrived yet? =D

  2. The baby is so tiny, that she won't remember if the quilt came now or in July.... so Show it in the Fair!!! And then you can tell her the story of it!!! Enjoy!!

  3. I agree completely with Alycia - show the quilt and then share the story when the quilt is delivered. It is adorable. Two borders are always better than one :)


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