Friday, June 22, 2012

Natural Bug Zapper & Some News

Meet my little friend who lives by my porch! The best thing about toads is the eat bugs, so do little lizards, we have those too but as of yet, I haven't gotten a picture of one. Why because they are to fast. Mr. Toad was sunning himself this morning when I snapped these photos.

Craftsy BOM Block 10 is a Wonky 5-Sided Log Cabin

I have all May's blocks done now! Woot, woot! I know, I know it is June. Look for Junes two blocks next week. I want you to know I did follow all the directions and still ended up with a 4 sided block. How did that happen?

July 1, 2012 - July 16, 2012 will be the Red, White, and Blue Blog Hop

I have completed a 12 1/2" block using Moda Prairie Paisley II for the blog hop. Hoping some of you choose to make it. "In The Boon Docks" featured day is July 6, and a page will be dedicated listing all the dates and blogs involved. A giveaway will be held during the blog hop.


  1. So you didn't kiss it and see if turned into a prince I take it?
    Great looking block. =D

  2. We have a toad that lives in the bricks of the retaining wall surrounding my herbs. Name? Herbie. Of course.

    What a lovely quilt block. I like how you added the plaids and stripes in there.

  3. What a cute little guy, we had a little lizzard in our bathroom for a while. Haven't seen him in a while, don't know where he went. Love Prairie Paisley, made a quilt using PP 1, can't beat the colors.


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