Friday, July 20, 2012

I present "The Beast" Unquilted

I have worked on this quilt for weeks and finally took it to Irene to be quilted a few hours ago. She knew it was coming and said she would have it ready tomorrow. I then have to put the binding on it by Monday at 9 pm to enter it into our county fair.

Last minute! Why do I do this to myself? Do you ever start a project get it almost done and quit? Saying I can't get it done in time. After all the work you put into it then turn around and say "oh no, I gotta get this done now"? So all I did today was sew! But not fun sewing, the frantic crazy type of sewing. It will be a mad dash to make the binding in the morning. This is our king size bed just to give you a size idea.

The fabric is Quilt Blocks by Ellen Luckett Baker for Moda & Robert Kaufman Kona Solid Coal. There are 114 5" blocks.

Hope you like it! I haven't decided yet but it is going to be entered. Does anyone have a good name for it? I would love to hear your idea's nobody here likes "The Beast". Not a nice name for a quilt I was told? So give me some idea! You are all so wonderful, Lisa


  1. Lisa,
    Love the grey again. A name: Beauty and the Beast? Or Mixed Media. Love your quilt! Can't wait to see it all quilted up. ~Amy~

  2. It's a beauty--------I like Amy's suggestion , Beauty and the Beast.

  3. Ah! This is great....can't think of a name....but if I do I'll send it along!

  4. As you've used the quilt blocks fabric maybe 'The Quilty Beast' =D


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