Sunday, February 3, 2013

Chicken Farmers?

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It never fails when someone moves to go back to civilization they call my DH (dear husband) to find a new home for their country loved ones. So on Thursday, at 10 pm, we get a call to pick up 4 chickens that night, the closing on their house was at 10 am, in the morning, and that was how we became "Chicken Farmers". Only thing, we have no idea how to take care of 1 chicken much less 3 hens and a rooster. The first 2 nights they slept in a big dog cage inside a small pull behind trailer on my porch, covered with an old blanket. Why you might ask? Because it has snowed for days on in here!

So the first thing in the morning, my DH and FIL (father-in-law) went to work on a chicken coop! Mr. Rooster thinks it get light at 4:30am, about 3 hours early, and the dominate hen wants to kill everyone in the pin! Fun fun, not at 4:30 in the morning.

They are quite pretty and I think it is a wonderful chicken coop. When it warms up they will get a fenced in area to run around and be chickens but for now they seem to be happy! The ladies are suppose to lay eggs but none yet! Thanks Dad and Randy! I appreciate all your hard work! . Now, what color to paint the coop? That is what David and I get to do this spring - "What color do you think would be fun"?

Our feeders for the other feathered friends are full! Everyone is hungry!

What to do when everyone is making a fuss over chicken's when you are seven? Play in the snow and sled down the driveway! Thankfully we have a long driveway! Hope you had a great weekend and are someplace warm! Lisa


  1. Chickens do tend to slow down, and even stop, laying during the winter. They need at least 12-14 hours of sunlight a day to stimulate laying. All of mine have stopped laying. Some people do put lights in the coop to increase the amount of light they get, but I don't do it as I don't have electricity in my coops.

  2. Quem entede de frangos é Judy Laquidara.

  3. How about a quilt block, like they do on the sides of barns?

  4. You could paint it bright yellow or sky blue and put the Hen and Chickens quilt block on it.

  5. What a pretty rooster! I miss having chickens. Egg sandwiches, lemon meringue pie....
    P.s. they love cold spaghetti ; )


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