Friday, February 22, 2013

Joining Flickr Group

Leona is having a Tula Pink Giveaway @ Leona's Quilting Adventure Hurry on over to sign up!

Rooster on the loose! Over two weeks ago, the rooster escaped from the hen house and ever since has run all over the property avoiding all my efforts to recapture him. He has been chased by dogs and now the chihuahua runs from the rooster. There was an ice storm last night and he seemed to have come out of it unscathed. While I was doing my chicken chores this morning he hung around and eat corn I threw to him. I am hoping maybe he will decide to move back in with his hens soon.

My newest pouch for my swap partner in the Flickr group Modern Scrappy Bits Swap. I have learned how to make needle books, fabric baskets, and pouches. I recommend joining swap groups.

If you are interested in finding a group go to Flickr
and join if you are not a member. Then login and go to the search window a drop down box will appear and click on groups search groups. Click the search groups above and type in "fabric swap", "modern fabric swap", or "fabric bee" and a list comes up and you go from there.

Both the blocks below where done for a Flickr Bee called Scrappy? Sew bee it!

36 Patch Block Tutorial is available free from Crazy Mom Quilts. A traditional block that can bring about a modern look just by a change in fabric.

Patchwork} Square In Square Pattern is available at The Sometimes Crafter I love this block and I used some of my Moda Mini Charms (so no cutting those 2.5). It is a free pattern and great for beginners to advanced sewist.

Thanking for stopping by "In The Boon Docks" and I hope you come back soon! Find time to sew this weekend! Lisa


  1. I love your zipper pouch and the hand stitching! And your bee blocks are beautiful!

  2. Beautiful blocks and entertaining rooster story.

  3. Is't it just like a man, he must be feeling hen pecked. The zipper bag is ver lovely, like the colors.

  4. Oh, that rooster! I love your blocks and the pouch.


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