Monday, April 1, 2013

Bird Seed Wreath

Friday night I needed something fun for David and my niece to do in the evening. I found this Birdseed Wreath tutorial weeks ago and we had everything on hand. They combined all the ingredients except I couldn't figure out Knox gelatin. My cousin's wife clued me in that Fruit Pectin and Knox Gelatin are one and the same. Since I make Jams and jellies every year I always have a few boxes in the cabinet.

The best part is watching them mix it up because it is really STICKY!

Spray your bundt pan really well with nonstick spray (Pam)!

POPs right out!

DH just used the leftover binding scrap from the Halloween quilt and it turns out great see!

The kids had a great time making this project and the birds will eat it. But don't hang it on your porch - birds tend to be a bit messy and leave presents! Great springtime activity! We highly recommend it!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Create and be unique, Lisa


  1. The birds will love it and it looks like it kept the children busy for a while. Great new header. wonderful quilts, your so talented.

  2. Great idea. My kids will love to make one. Unfortunately we don't get many pretty birds here in town! Just pests like pigeons and sparrows.

  3. Fun activity!! I need to do this with my kids; we love bird watching!


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