Monday, June 17, 2013

New bag and pouch

Sometimes you just want to make something for yourself!

After putting a new face on my bag! I wanted a pouch to hold my little things (money, checkbook, wallet, pen, Chapstick, and receipts! Then keep my crocheting project in the bottom of the big bag (2 balls of yarn, crochet hook, and the current scarf). The satchel is large enough to stuff my iPad in when needed! Everything, in one place ready to go.
Now, I just need to find somewhere to take it!

I love all these fabrics together! The green zipper really makes the colors "pop"!

All done! I hope it looks like an artists bag! Unique like me!

Fabrics: all pulled out of the big scrap bin!

What do you think?

Thank you for stopping by "In The Boon Docks"

Until next time my friends, create and be unique! Lisa

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I going to link up! What I learned? I matter too!


  1. I hear you about sometimes just needing to do a "for me" project! Very cute. LOVE the pezzy dots with that bright green zip, a very pop-y combo.

  2. I feel the same way, for me lounge/pj pants are on the cutting table (aka dining room table) ;D
    Love the fabric and yep! that zip gives the pop!!

  3. I love it,it`s pretty nice and your fabric is super cool1

  4. Love the colors and love what you did to the larger bag to make it your own. Thanks for your advice about the app for my tablet. I have it downloaded and will try it.

  5. yes it looks arty! You'll be pulling it out of your bag just to get the raves that will surely come your way!

  6. Your bag and little pouch are fabulous.... But I really loved your "Now, I just need to find somewhere to take it!" Ain't it the truth?



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