Sunday, June 9, 2013

Zakka 2.0 Project 1 Peppers

The Zakka 2.0 Patchwork, Please Sew Along has officially begun! The Bell Pepper Coasters are the first project in the book Patchwork, Please! by Ayumi Takahashi.

Penny @ made hot pads by increasing the pattern in the book by 180 degrees. Check out Penny's blog for other tips on hot pads instead of coasters. Realizing we would never use coasters I opted to make these hot pads. I am so glad I did! They will really brighten up any kitchen!

Instead of felt for the stem I used a Robert Kaufman ribbon. I used fabric from my scrap packs I buy from Hawthorne Threads and Kona Solids.

I love them! This will be item number one to enter in the County Fair.

Until next time, create and be unique! Lisa

I am linking up! Come see all week 1 projects @ Lindsey's LRstitched


  1. Love those.. can't wait till I make some of my own.

  2. Gorgeous Lisa. I unfortunately didn't get mine made, but am hoping to tackle a few of the projects along the way :-)

  3. Those are too cute! I hope you get a blue ribbon when the time comes:) I love fairs!!!

  4. Love these! Awesome colors and fabrics.

  5. Your bag is lovely -- great fabric!

  6. Your hot pads are great! I think they'll be more useful than coasters :)


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