Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Country Live In The Boon Docks

Well this time of year it is hard to get much sewing done when it is harvest time. We have had so much rain here this season that the fruit trees are breaking under the strain of all the fruit. Two weeks ago we picked sour cherries and pitted and froze them. This week it is green beans. The vines are molding around the beans so it is pick them or loose them. In two days my mother and I picked three 5 gallon buckets full of green beans for my mother-in-law to can. That was only two rows of plants with lots of green beans.

It is muddy hot work! It is amazing how the ones in the store all look so pretty and mine are covered in mud. But the hard part has just begun my MIL will clean and can 40 quarts before it is all done. Enough to feed two families all Winter without having to buy processed and loaded with preservatives store can beans. So it is worth every bit of effort put in by our two families.

Do you do beans?

How about Chickens?

Sometimes it is good to stock your free range chickens to see how they are doing. I did just that and have a few pictures of my Rooster, Rusty, Momma hen and her 2 babies! I have another hen but she is camera shy! But she is doing just fine!

I know you can hardly see them! Need to mow the hillside again! But if you really look they are there.

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  1. That is wonderful that you and your mom get to garden together. Hopefully I will get my garden planted next year.


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