Monday, September 2, 2013

A Lovely Year of Finishes - September Goal

For months I have gotten e-mails from bloggers all doing "A Lovely Year Of Finishes"! It only took me 9 months to try it myself! Let's see how it goes.

The one goal for the month of September 2013 will be to quilt "Meet The Lorax" so David can put it on his bed when it gets cold. Usually, I send my quilts to a good friend who quilts them for me at very little cost. I have thought about just sending it to her so it would be perfect but inside I think I really want to do it myself! Nothing fancy just some straight line quilting down the rows maybe 3" apart. So, I make this my goal for the month and we will see if I can get it done or run off to the long-arm quilter if I have to pick it all out. I will keep you posted.

I don't know Zoey, you think I can quilt it myself? Nana is sure going to try!

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  1. LOVE this quilt - you can't go wrong, your quilting will be fabulous and just having it DONE will be a treat! adorable, i have always loved this fabric and i love your quilt!

  2. Very cool quilt :D Sure, you can do it!

  3. Good luck. I'm sure you can do it. They tell me having enough table space to support the weight is the key to success. =)

  4. This will be a fun quilt to finish - looking forward to hearing how you go with the quilting :-)

  5. Wee tot! She is so cute - a certain show stealer


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