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Le Challenge Rising Sun

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For Le Challenge - Rising Sun

(Look hardly any snow left from yesterday, but more expected tonight)

I made this quilt for the "Wake Up To Kona" Blog Hop! I named it "No one is Perfect but God"! The reason for the name was a discussion David (8) and I had over a mistake I made on this quilt. He was very disturbed that I mixed my yellows on the bottom row insisting I make it perfect! I told him nothing is ever perfect if you look hard enough you can find something wrong with everything. So, we should always try to look for the beauty in everything and everyone we look at and not for the mistakes. My color mixup was just a happy accident and that "No one is perfect but God". I don't know if I should have told him all that over a quilt but trying to teach children to be kind to all and there is beauty in everything (even with mistakes). You do not need to strive to be perfect just do your best. One persons best may not be as good as someone else's best! Etc..

Now about this quilt, should I rename it? I have another problem, I quilted it and I am not happy at all with my quilting but I love the quilt top! Do I pick it all out and send it to my longarmer friend and get it professionally quilted? You will not hurt my feeling and I appreciate the advice!

Quilt Stats
"No One Is Perfect But God"
Size: 59" x 52"
Main Fabrics: Robert Kaufman Solids Sunrise FQ Bundle
Background: Robert Kaufman Kona Solid Coal
Backing and Binding: Robert Kaufman Kona Solid Steel
Pieced and Quilted: Aurifil #2692 Black 50 wt.

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  1. Your advice is good and we can all take a lesson from that. I loved seeing this top for the hop and am loving it all quilted up. I don't see what you don't like about it. But maybe if you let it sit for a while and come back to it.... You may like it later? And if not, then undo it? Hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Great job using the fabrics in fun spectrums! Makes for a beautiful quilt.

  3. What don't you like about the quilting? Will you care in a year? The top, and name are beautiful

  4. Maybe you should just wait a bit before you think about the quilting. I am not a fan of ripping out stitches. Maybe you'll get another idea

  5. The yellow triangles at the bottom are definitely NOT a mistake - tell him it was a 'design decision'!!! Looks fab :)

  6. Something has to be really bad for me to rip out, especially quilting. How does it look from four feet away? Will washing it make it crinkle and hide whatever it is that bothers you? Nice use of solids.

  7. I love the life lesson with your little man. I'm not a fan of ripping at all!!! I'm a longarm quilter and I know all about it, as I'm sure we all do. However, if you're questioning it, it probably needs to come out. Personally it would have to come out for me because I like lots of quilting. :)

  8. I like the little mix up in colours, and if you hadn't told us, I am sure I wouldn't have seen it.

  9. Using a quilt for advice is a great idea! I did not see the mistake. I would have it quilted by your friend, I could not really see it - and it is an amazing quilt top. Hope I did not upset you. Thanks for linking up to le challenge!

  10. I really like the quilt top and would not change a thing. However, it is yours and you have to be happy with it, if it would make you happier then go ahead. I am also lazy and loathe unpicking!! As for the name that is always personal and I can see why the name fits. When I saw it I immediately thought of happy days as it is such a happy quilt with those colours, so I would call it Happy Days. xx

  11. Love it, I am trying to get my quilt finished today that I posted on TGIFF to enter in this challenge too :-). I have to say grey would be one of my favorite colors and those kona's perfect :-)

  12. looks grand to me as it is, but if you will notice it then by all means ask your friend. I used to tell my daughter the stories from quilt squares.

  13. I think the name of the quillt says it all - No one is perfect but God! I love your story. Maybe it's 8 year olds. Last year was a very trying year for our family. Two of my three grandsons lost 2 of 3 grandpas within 5 months. Anyhow, the older grandson who is 8 was staying during part of the time when my ex-husband of only 7 months was found dead in his apartment. It was a difficult decision to divorce him and it was not because I didn't love him. He wasn't here when the police came to notify me - his family lived out of state and I was on his apartment form as next of kin since we weren't divorced when he moved in. My grandson had asked me where Pa Rick was - I told him he was living in an apartment which was the truth. We still talked to each other from time to time and I would have taken him to see him, etc. I was so devastated I didn't know how to tell him that his grandpa was dead and I thought his daddy would tell him anyhow. We all made assumptions that someone else had told him. So, eventually something was said, and he found out. And, he called me on it. He said, "So, he died. He didn't move out." I told him that I would never lie to him and that he had in fact moved out and then he had died. I explained to him how much his grandpa had loved him, how he was no longer in pain. He had no idea how his grandpa had hurt when he let him ride on his legs. How he was in heaven with Jesus. The little guy looked at me and said, "Jesus is a good guy!" Here I was trying to soften the blow for the little guy and he was comforting me! I can be such a perfectionist - Rick used to tell me - There was only one who was perfect and He has nails in His wrists. Enjoy your quilt!

  14. You didn't say why you don't like the quilting, and I can't really tell from the photos what might be unlikeable. I like the name, but if you rip out the quilting and send it away, I think you have to rename the quilt. =)

  15. I think this was the perfect life lesson for your son. I find that the lessons that just pop up are the ones that stick the best in their hearts and minds. And your quilt is just gorgeous. I don't see anything wrong with the quilting and think it looks great as is. But it does come down to how happy you'll be with it for the next 20 years... I look at some of my older quilts and see how bad the quilting is, but my kids and those that use my quilts say all they see is the love in them (and the skill they don't possess to even try quilting.)

  16. It's beautiful! Love your colours and background choice. I always put something away for a few days or even a week before deciding to rip it out. Often, I'll pull it back out and wonder what was bugging me about it. Maybe give that a try. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!

  17. it looks like a beautiful quilt to me!


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