Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sew Kitschy February Block

Sew Kitschy Cookie Jar Block

Quiet Play

On her blog Kristy talks about these first two patterns being easy. I agree, but for me it is humiliating that something so small could cause me such trouble so I kept at it and finally finished! My seam ripper is my friend. For newbies like me don't get discouraged anything worth learning is never easy. I have looked at many other patterns and Kristy's are excellent and these two are much easier than others. I just hope I have learned a few tricks by the time we get to Miss Betty or I might never finish! This is the year to Experiment so I am in til the end. How do you think Miss Betty would look with her head on backwards?

Thank you Kristy for such a great BOM!

I went over to read what some of the other participant's in the BOM were posting on their blogs and was happy to find it is not just me (that always makes me feel good) that is a beginner! Yippee!

I also found this poster at Jules from
Key Elements hopefully she doesn't mind if I post it since it is a seam ripping good time doing this BOM.
Thank you Jules!

Thank you for suffering through my experiments in paper piecing!
Create and be unique,

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  1. I am sure you will have learned a lot when you get to Miss Betty! But I must say, I think it looks very difficult!! I have tried paper piecing once, but it was a much easier pattern. Good luck :)

  2. Hi Lisa, just wanted to say that your results are awesome. I`m getting my feet wet in pp as well over with the hugs and kisses blog hop. Phew! It sure is a lot of work, but strangely satisfying. Hopefully things will quiet down soon, or I`ll get more organized and start these patterns as well. I just love this little SAL!

  3. Your cookie jar is inviting! What kind of cookies are in there????? Great job - keep plugging, you are doing wonderful work!

  4. Hello Lisa,
    your cookie jar looks very nice, the lid sits perfectly on top of the jar.
    I sometimes give up, if it doesn´t want to fit after a few times of seam ripping.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, it is nice to meet you!

  5. Great cookie jar - love that blue! I like your seam ripper sign, too.

  6. You might find this weird, but I cant do paper piecing like most people. I get very confused when the front of the paper is on the backside of the block. I just do it the way it makes sense to me and make everything in reverse or reversing the pattern before I start. When I finally accepted that "right" was backwards for me, it became a million time easier.

  7. Hi Lisa, you did an awesome job on your cookie jar! The seam ripping paid off. I also find myself ripping more. Stay with it and keep up the great work!


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