Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dress Experiment Update

Why didn't someone tell me clothes creation is a whole different ball game than quilts! Ugh! I picked out fabric from my stash that I bought for pillowcases. I am glad to because I would have been sorely disappointed!

This is just the bodice and it took four days!

It looked so easy in the pattern! But low and behold it is not! I ripped and redid those flaps (5) times before I finally got it right! (The white belongs on the inside)!

Tip to new garment sewist: Use the same fabric for the lining as you do the outside it will save you a lot of grief and frustration. Worry about different fabric for the lining after you learn basic dress construction.

Yes, I thought it looked great, with the stitching around the arm holes then when I went to the next step! I found I had done it to soon. The bodice is going to look like a pincushion before I am done! Ripped it all back out! Now!

The perfect arm hole!
The bodice is done! Thank Heaven!
Next on to the skirt!

Is it just me or was your first dress so hard?
If anyone knows of a great garment sewing reference please leave me a comment or link (I could use the help).

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  1. I have yet to sew any garments so afraid I can't help. I'm sure it gets easier the more you do! Good luck and maybe Google the pattern to see if you can find any tips!

  2. Oh yes making garments is very different, good luck in your quest for the perfect dress.

  3. I was just thinking about trying to make a dress but you have put me off!

  4. I made my first dress for myself when I was 10. At that age, you're too young and naive to know to be If you can make a dress, youi can make ANYthing. I think it should be mandatory to do it that way...8-)

  5. I have no magic for you. Just keep at it and you will soon be proudly wearing your creations. I learned to sew when it was set in zippers, buttonholes and set in sleeves with gathered full waist shirtdresses! Never give up!! Sewing truly is blissful...

  6. Sigh, Making clothes is MUCH harder than quilts. you really have to follow the pattern step by step with no improvising until you know what you are doing -unless you want to do lots of ripping - as you discovered. Also some clothing patterns assume you know things. ARRGH.
    I thought that was why we made quilts - it is easier and they fit even if they aren't exactly the right size!

  7. Oh yes making garments is a whole new ball game! I was a garment seamstress in my former life and then at age 25 or so I discovered quilts and haven't made too many garments since. Quilts are much easier.... sometimes. I dust off my garment making skills from time to time but much prefer quilts. Unless you're using a "name brand" pattern like Simplicity or McCalls, I have found the directions to be pretty sketchy and assume you know something about garment construction. Don't give up. Unfortunately you're learning by trial and error. Even a simple dress is a pretty big undertaking if you've never sewn a garment before.

  8. Lisa, I know you can do it and it gets easier after each try. Garment making is completely different--the seam allowance, the construction, the whole total process.But after you learn, you can make beautiful things. Making garments is the first thing that I started making. It took me a while, but now, I can make anything. And you do learn shortcuts from what the pattern calls for. So keep sewing. One day you will be amazed at what you can do.

  9. I sincerely hope that is NOT the dress that you were wanting me to make because if it is, please feel free to hit yourself over the head with it!!

  10. It is different! I struggle with it because I don't think in 3D as well as I do in 2D. I've made a few patterns more than once and it really does get easier.

    I picked up a sewing class on Craftsy that is for a specific Vintage Pattern. I dont really intend to make the dress, but I thought it might be helpful to watch her talk through the pattern. I'm pretty sure everything craftsy goes on sale tomorrow. :)

  11. Are you using a big name pattern or and independent pattern maker? I highly recommend starting with a PDF pattern like Scientific seamstress or peek a boo patterns. You get a complete tutorial with the pattern. It really isn't too hard with a great pattern like that!

  12. I can't believe that you picked a pattern with a lining for your first dress! I sewed for years before I lined something. My first job was only 5 hours from my parents, so I could take things back home for help from my mom. When I moved 1/2 across the country, I called for help. I made a dress with the bodice lined. It was the day of double knits. The lining was not knit. The non-knit lining made the bust too, too tight. I knew Mom would tell me to rip it out and redo it. I didn't want to do that. So, I took the scissors and just cut right up the middle of the front of the lining. I zigazagged the edges of the cut. No one else was the wiser. I only lined it because that's the way the pattern was - it didn't have facings. I should be taken time and just made facings. The dress did not need the lining. Actually, in some ways linings are easier than facings - if you don't like handwork. You did an amazing job!!!!


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