Sunday, June 1, 2014

ALYOF June Goal

In 2014, I desperately want to become proficient at Paper Piecing and
I joined the
Sew Kitschy BOM to learn how
and have completely not followed through.
So, for the month of June I am committing to catching up
on all these blocks.

The group is on the pitcher with glasses (block 6)

(You can get this block free for the month of June - click on the link)
I have (4) block to do in month,
(1) a week.
I think I can do it!
We will see how well I can do.

I'm in a bit of a slump
hoping that by learning something
I really enjoy I can get motived!
I am drowning in fabric
and just cannot decide what to make!

I pull for a project really seem to like it
but then go back and look at it.
Nope that's not what I want!
Pull again!
Have stacks piled up!
Been going on most of last month!

Does this happen to you?

My goal is small this month but
I'm hoping for it to turn out big!

Thank you for stopping by!
Just create!

Linking to bittersweet designs - June Goals - A Lovely Year Of Finishes


  1. I learnt to paper piece from Kristy's bom last year, I'm now willing and happy to paper piece anything! Seriously, just go for it! If you need a hand, give me a shout and I'll try to help.
    Yep, I go through stages where I don't know what to make. Start small. Make a pouch or a potholder, inspiration will strike!

  2. I watched a bunch of different videos and tried different techniques. Then I sat doewn with a bunch of scraps and some star patterns. They look complicated but since it's all triangles it's sorta repetitive so I was able to really dial in the mechanics. I feel pretty confident with it now and plan to tackle the pieced double wedding ring next. Good luck with these blocks. Just keep trying!

  3. Oh - and yes - I totally get stymied on what to do next. Yesterday I grabbed the bin of minky scraps, batting scraps, and the "strips" bin. I just started making quilt as you go blocks - random colors and everything. I don't know what I'll do with them, but it felt good to just be sewing and looking at the colors.

  4. First off, thank you for the shout out, how kind, 2nd I am behind on my PP blocks to, I might get caught up on my trip. And this is a great PP partner, she is always help.. I have had her button on my blog for 2 years. LOL..what does that say about my PP godess in me..


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