Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 Sampler Blanket

I have spent a lot of time recently trying to decide
what I will be doing over the next year.
What will be the one word for 2015?

Then I read about a Sampler Blanket
or in my case a quilt over at


and I think no rules just a hashtag


Create a quilt with my own rules
a couple blocks a month.

Rie says - You can knit, crochet, quilt, embroider the blocks..
or rectangles.. or hexagons.. or circles.
You can join as you go or make them continuous
or leave them in a pile and join them at the end.
You can make a square every day or
week or month or season....
I think I like the square a month idea myself.

You can choose one colour or a multitude of colours.
Any pattern.
Any design.
Any stitch.
What do you think?
Does this sound like fun to you?

I think it will be fun why don't you join us!

Hop on over to CraftyRie and link up with me!

Project #1 - #2015samplerblanket

Everyone doing their own thing but together!
Sounds Unique which is right down my alley!

What projects are you doing for 2015?

Thank you for reading!
Create and be unique,


  1. Hey you!! Geesh, what a fab idea!! ;)
    I've changed my mind (yet again), I've gone from wanting to knit a sampler block each month to embroidering a block!! ...I wonder what I'll choose tomorrow!

  2. Sounds fun Lisa - I will be cheering on from the sidelines!

  3. Hi Lisa, I've just joined up for this too, and thought I would pop over here to meet my fellow stitcher. Looking forward to following your SAL too.

  4. This is sound like a fun thing to do ... I would like to join :)


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