Wednesday, January 7, 2015

No Goals Yet but

My Husband is doing much better and has began cardio rehab this week and he can drive again! Independence! I hardly ever drive and never far from home. For us both to be dependent on others for rides has caused us both headaches.

After years of having a blog I decided to get business cards.
They came in the mail today with my new logo on them!
I got them from
Vistaprint for less than $20.
Vistaprint has a commercial out in the USA
that gives you a code for $9.99 business cards.

So if you been thinking about it Vistaprint
does a great job for cheaper than the
other guys.
(My opinion, no money or discounts involved)!

I also received this beautiful stack of 1/2 yards Wild and Free by Maureen Cracknell Handmade that I purchased from Quilter's Square!

Speaking of Quilter's Square in Lexington, Ky,
they are going to have a retreat in March and
I am going to go and see what a retreat is all about!
It costs $350 which is less than any other one I have looked into.

Take a look Quilter's Square Retreat

Trying to stay on track
with Bronchitis
(I have coughed so much my ribs hurt)!
The antibiotics are working!
It is just taking so long!

Our David is well and back in school!

I miss talking with everyone! The cold is here - below 0 tomorrow!
Bundle up your babies if you have to take them out!
I threw in extra hay for my hens! Check on your outside animals and make sure they have water (it freezes)! I know this sounds like a dumb reminder but you would be surprised!
Stay healthly!


  1. So glad to read that your husband is doing better. Stay warm there.

  2. Glad hubby is better - and independent! I get my cards from Vistaprint also.

  3. I am so happy to hear that your hubby is feeling better.
    After very warm weather, we will be down to about 7 tonight with wind chills below 0. Take care!

  4. That is good news concerning your hubby! I hope his recovery is swift.
    Take of yourself too, hon ")

  5. Vistaprint does a great job and your new biz cards are nice! So glad your husband is better; I still drive but it's harder at night because I've developed night blindness. It's difficult...just another reason to move closer to family. Keep's nasty cold!

  6. I am glad to hear that your husband is doing better.


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