Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Go cast a vote for Craftsy


Is nominated in the International Webby Awards
And every crafter in blogland needs
to take a few minutes to vote
and have our voice heard.

If you have never been to the Craftsy site
I recommend you go and sign up
for one of the many free courses
they have available for quilting and sewing.

Just click on this blue link Craftsy

I am not affiliated with Craftsy in any way. I receive nothing in return for recommending them to you. I do this because I use them myself and pay for every course I take. I do admit I wait until they have sales to sign up for them. I just recently signed up for this course!

For $19.99 I cannot take a course at a LQS! As a life long learner I believe we need to continue to educate ourselves to stimulate our brains and grow as people! As a disable woman who doesn't drive, I have trouble getting to and from classes that are 50 miles away. This is available 24/7 in my own home! Pretty cool! Live to learn, learn to live! You won't regret it!

To vote go here - 19th Annual Webby Awards

Right now a foodie is in the lead lets see if we can beat that!

If you have a blog I would appreciate it if you would
but out a message to go vote to your readers!

Thank you and lets be heard!
Craft websites rule!


  1. I voted but we are still behind. I need to go edit my last post and add this in it.

  2. Just voted. I'm with you on Craftsy..love taking classes anytime of the day or night at my convenience!!


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