Friday, June 19, 2015

Cotton + Steel

Cotton and Steel Mini Quilt Swap

Well with everything going on you wouldn't think I would find the time to get my swap quilt done. The time spent working on it brought me great relief during such crisis! I love creating!

Doing all the fussy cutting months ago when my husband and I got snowed in!

A couple of weeks ago while my daughter was in the hospital my husband worked a little intervention and sent me to Quilters Square to visit my little friend Kaia (babies always bring me happiness)! They have a large selection of beautiful Modern and Traditional Fabrics. The staff are all talented quilters willing to help with fabric selections and sewing. The online shop is amazing as the shop located in Lexington, KY, if your travels bring you through Kentucky stop by the shop and visit! You will love what you see!

I got it all sewn together during my visits to play, sew, and shop!

One day last week before Kristin awoke I quilted it in her diningroom in Kentucky!

I machine sewed the front binding on at home in West Virginia!

I hand sewed the binding to the back on the drive down to Florida! It has been a labor of love for my partner I don't even know! It has really helped me escape during one of the most difficult times in my life. I really love it and now I can't wait for my partner to receive it!

Today I mailed it off from here in Orlando, Florida, it sure has travelled around the country with me. Through the bad and the good.

My daughter is continuing to heal and the doctor said at her visit Tuesday she is doing amazingly well for everything she has been through and removed the staples! God is good. She has really been blessed with recovery and everyone lending a helping hand. Zoey's other grandparents have done a beautiful job helping out with Zoey and making sure she gets to see her mom. I think they are wonderful and I am so glad they are part of my family.

This vacation has really been wonderful for Randy, David and I. Yesterday, while at Legoland, I won this giant owl tossing balls into a glass. Your never to old to have a little fun. Thank you for reading soon everything will hopefully go back to normal! We need a little normal.

Create and be Unique - Lisa


  1. Lucky partner! I love how sewing and crafting can help us get through the tough times. You are tough stuff Lisa and I am so happy that your daughter is on the mend xx

  2. I'm so glad that your daughter continues to improve. Having the other grandparents help out has to be one of the greatest blessings.

    The little plus quilt is beautiful.

  3. ahh, but what is normal? So glad things are getting back to something more manageable & totally stress free.


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