Thursday, June 4, 2015

Quilters Square - A Visit

When I came to UK Lexington, KY, I left in a hurry. Not my normal sewing things I travel with and certainly no sewing machine. After a week, I think my husband new I needed a little break. He took me to Quilters Square and look who met me at the door!

Little Kaia could bring a smile to any grouch! She sat on the big sewing table and kept me company while I worked on my Cotton + Steel Mini Quilt Swap. The store is really beautiful and full of any fabric you might what for your next project!

She even blows kisses! I love her Hello Bear dress! Such a talented group of people own and work there! Lessons are available and online sales are available!

I fell in love with Tinsel - I see a Christmas Quilt in my future!

This little Bernina B215 is a powerhouse machine I really loved sewing on it! A small act of kindness by these women who own this shop really did wonders for my spirit!

So instead of only having a little bit done my whole quilt top is complete! Remember when you are caring for a sick family member to take a sanity break. So stay healthy physically and mentally while you are going through helping someone recover. They need you but you need you too!

On another note!
My iPad blogging program died while at the hospital! I am learning Blogger Press but it is not as user friendly as the last program. Still have to learn how to insert links. Please keep reading as I am making adjustment. If you know of a good blogging iPad app please share! Thank you

-Create and be Unique - Lisa


  1. So glad you got a little break! And what a nice feeling of support to find caring women nearby to nurture you through this challenging time. :)

  2. I'm glad you got a break from the hospital, you're hubby is very thoughtful!
    Hugs to all.


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