Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bag Hardware

Where do you find all those little metal pieces for a new bag?

One of the things I love about thrift stores is recycling bag hardware! Unfortunately, where I live they aren't many so when we travel I watch for them everywhere. In Virginia Beach they have lots of thrift stores and I went to 4 looking for handbags that had hardware I needed for totes and handbags! I never paid more than $4.00 and got quite a few great items. Recycle, recycle, recycle! As you can see I was looking for leather handles and straps. I bought a few leather belts at $2.00 to use as straps. I got the idea for recycling leather belts from Anna of Noodlehead

A belt like this one will make (2) key fobs - at $.25

These green handles came off a new $32 purse I paid $4 at the Goodwill! Use a pair of Utility Scissors to cut the purses apart! Do not use your sewing scissors!

The clip type hardware runs about $3 a piece at JoAnn's so $4 saves you money and gives you a nice leather strap!

Metal zippers are always a favorite of mine especially with nice zipper pulls. I cut these out because I forgot a seam ripper, use a nice sharp one. Just flip over the zipper and remove the seam from the back.

Don't forget to enter the Vacation Giveaway I love this beautiful book and stationary!

The vacation is over and I will be back to sewing really soon! I hope you are enjoying your Summer! Thank you for stopping by and following!
-Create and be Unique - Lisa

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  1. What a fantastic idea, I buy clothes from charity shops for fancy buttons, buckles and embellishments but have never thought about bags for fastenings. I will be keeping a look out from now on.

  2. Now why didn't I think of that!!?? Thanks for the tip. I'd never shopped a thrift store until just recently! It's my new found love!


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