Saturday, July 25, 2015

Quilting with Aurifil

For years I have quilted my small quilts with Aurifil 50 weight thread. It just seemed so easy to use the same weight for everything. Then I was making a secret project that I wanted the quilting to make a statement and felt like I failed.


Example 1: Quilted with 50 weight

While on vacation I picked up a spool of Aurifil 40 weight to try for quilting and I really noticed a difference using the thicker thread.


Example 2: Quilted with 40 weight

In example 1 - the quilting looks kind of flat and in example 2 - I think the quilting is more defined and stands out!

For me it will be Aurifil 50wt for piecing and Aurifil 40wt for quilting!

Tell me do you see the difference?

A whole new collection of Aurifil colors! I can never get enough Aurifil! I think I will be more satisfied with my quilting from now on.

What a difference a heavier weight thread can make!

I am going to end the Vacation Giveaway on Tuesday. Please enter if you haven't already!

Thank you for being you! I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

-Create and be Unique - Lisa

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  1. Thanks for the hint, and the link to the giveaway. I have just purchsed my first aurifil as I had to drive quite a way to get it. I'm not sure the 40wt is available in NZ, but an internet order will solve that problem!

  2. Aurifil is the best thread ever, and there is certainly a difference between the quiltning using 40 or 50wt thread. I haven't used 40wt but I will try that the next time I shall machinequilt now that I have seen the difference is makes.

  3. The photos of the difference are not coming through for me, but I enjoy quilting with different thread weights for different projects. Aurifil 50 wt is my favorite, but the shiny embroidery threads are great in some instances too.

  4. Neat Patriotic Quilt with red quilting!


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