Wednesday, September 2, 2015

ALYOF September Goal

Hi Everyone it is so nice to be getting back on a schedule! David is back in school and the weather has really changed we need rain and it is hot. A week ago we were cold like in the 60's and this week the 90's. The trees are already starting to change! The hays has been cut and it is dusty.
Fitting time to stay inside and sew! Happy National Sewing Month! What are you going to make this month? Little or big sew something lots of giveaways to link your project up too and maybe win a prize.


My ALYOF goal for the month of September is to complete this full-sized quilt! I will not be able to give you anymore details than the pictures listed. Gotta get it done! I am really loving the texture and feel of RJR Cotton Supreme Solids available at Cotton Supreme Solids - Missouri Quilt Co. They match perfectly with Cotton + Steel!



This is not an ad or anything but I thought I would show you these pins! I am a marker when I quilt. Row 1 block 10 that kind of marking. Before I would use little pieces of paper (made quite a mess when I was done sewing) and then I saw Marilee's Numbered Pins - Pins here. and no more paper. They cost a little more than regular pins but I think it is well worth the money. Those little discs on top are plastic so do not iron one.

Things have been a little crazy around my homefront for weeks on end again after our daughter was hospitalized. Then we all returned from Kentucky to recooperate. Dad drove them home the other morning. Now back to work "Chop Chop"!

I will be linking up with the others at A Lovely Year of Finishes – September Goal Party | Sew BitterSweet Designs

Thank you for stopping by and visiting a spell! I have a busy month and lots of things planned for you!





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